Small Apartment Ideas

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

”How do I decorate the small space I’m living in?”

”How do I fully utilized the small space I’m living in?

”What kind of furniture should I get for the small space I’m living in?”

If ”Yes” then I feel the same way too but before I continue to answer these questions and present you with some useful ideas for your small space. Give me a moment to tell you about myself.

Hey! How You’re Doing I’m Megan Gilson

Author Of Small Space Pros
Megan Gilson

Throughout my experience of living in a small space, I have learned that living in small spaces:

  • Is cost-efficient as any bills that you may incur is so much lower
  • Is so much easier to clean
  • Personally, I feel more  comfortable in a smaller space as there are fewer things to worry about 
  • You are less likely to accumulate things that are not of use
  • It is unlikely that you misplaced things especially things that are important to you
  • Also, I find that living in small spaces is much more environmentally friendly so you are doing a service to the environment
  • You are also more mobile as moving is so much easier
  •  I also feel that living in small spaces helps with bonding as you are more likely to be in the same room with your family which encourages socializing

However, with all these benefits that you may get from living in small spaces, I also learned that there are cons to living in small spaces. The main problem for me in living in a small space, in the beginning, is that I find it hard to maximize the space and decorate the space in a way that feels like home.

It took me months before I start having a feel for decorating. getting the right furniture and just making the small space my own. With that being said throughout the years I had managed to acquire the know-how on living in small spaces.

Wondering if others had the same problems as I did. I decided to take a leap and start my own website ( to share my know-how with anyone who needs them.

A Little About My Website (

Small Space Decor Ideas

As mentioned above small space pros is started solely to share my knowledge on making full use of the little space that you are living in. On my website, I will be covering everything that has to do with utilizing your small space to its full capacity.

From decoration ideas to the type of furniture you can use to make your home comfy and visually suit your dream home. Regardless of why you end up in a smaller space, I believe the ideas that I have for your space will be very helpful.

So, do stop by at and see for yourself.

Megan Gilson

Founder and Chief Editor at Small Space Pros

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