How to Wash an Electric Blanket Properly (Tips & Guides)

On a chilly windy night, nothing is better than snuffling in a sofa electric blanket. Whenever it’s time to wash it, then it becomes daunting to own an electric blanket, even though you know the methods you need to follow while washing it properly. Let’s have the idea on How to Wash an Electric Blanket.

How to Wash an Electric Blanket

The best in all ways is an electric blanket – a warm cover that provides comforting and softness to your bed while simultaneously releasing calming heat which can also heal pain and sorrow.

You strip the bed from the bed with a generically traditional quilt or bedding and throw them into the washer or take it to the dry cleaner to freshly cover the bed. How precisely do you wash things with electricity and power cables between material layers literally? It’s quite like washing a heated color mattress pad.

We will explore and discover the best moves to do so in this post! Fortunately, technology has improved to the extent where the cables of electric lines can be immersed in water to have the right directions.

If you already have access to a washing machine, then you don’t have to pay for the laundry washing off your electric blanket, you can apply for money back to your carry-on if you know how to correctly clean heavy things. Where and wherever they can, who would not love to save money? Let’s have a look at how to wash an electric blanket properly.

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How To Wash An Electric Blanket Properly: Guides

How to Wash an Old Electric Blanket

The big problem is not to damage the cable while cleaning an electrical blanket. Most companies offer their blankets unique washing orders, so you can obey them first. If you do not, however, have the original knowledge, follow the given steps:

  • The first move is obviously to unplug the blanket so that it receives no further power.
  • Check at how the electrical cord can be removed from the blanket. You should do this in most designs and set the cord aside.
  • Pull out the blanket and shake that to remove the dirt and debris from it.
  • You can just do what will help you to remove the fur before cleaning it when the blanket has lots of animal hair on it (which may not be snuggling with your dog or cat). A lint, pet fur, or rubber handkerchief should be used for hair removal.
  • Turn on either side of the blanket and check for the logo of the manufacturer. If you may find a laundry machine or if you would wash these by hand, see if it has cleaning guidance.
  • Choose the gentlest choice for your washer and use cold water if you are using your laundry machine. A soft cleanser is also to be used and soap is to be kept small. Do not use chlorine on a blanket electric.
  • When the blanket is very soiled, a bath before washing is a smart practice. After the washing machine is done, turn the machine off till all the water is filled. Place the blanket to make sure it is fully dipped and set a timekeeping time for up to 15 minutes.
  • Test the blanket for all of the stains. You should also suggest pretreating stains with a tamper remover if they are already heavy dirty after the bath.
  • Switch on the device and let it run the whole process.
  • Although it is safe to allow the system to spin entirely, another option is that the cycle can be condensed by allowing this one to run for up to five minutes and then to save the remaining cycle and straight to the very last rinse.

Things To Consider While Washing The Electric Blanket

Tips to wash electric blanket
  • What are you going to need to wash a blanket?
  • You can wash the electric bedding, so you need to buy certain items or have a hand to do them safely and correctly.
  • You will need the following things if you are to wash a blanket properly and keep stable protocols:
  • An adjustable speedy laundry machine or a large bathtub when doing hand washing.
  • A soft or gentle cleaning detergent – use a trustworthy brand that does not bleach the stuff.
  • The lining of the kitchen, or a hardwood floor for drying or a flat surface.

Tips For Washing The Blanket Easily

To better remove dust and waste from the linens while maintaining cabling throughout the material, you must follow these directions for electric sheets to hand-wash and wash the linens by hand.

Make Sure That All Cables Are Detached From Their Source Of Power

It is necessary to ensure that all cables and power cords (any cabling that can be disconnected) are separated before introducing your bedding into any water supply. For this purpose, most contemporary electrical models have waterproof internal wiring.

This move is not only intended to stop irreparable harm to your linen but also to prevent an electrical water boom that can cause fire risks during or later washing processes.

Fill A Tub Of Lukewarm Water

The water you use to wash your electricity must be tidy since cold water and hot water have detrimental effects on your product’s internal wiring.

Putting An Electric Blanket In The Dryer

You might have been concerned about the dryer heat effects on the cables of the electric blanket, but it’s very secure, albeit with house dryers only. Never use a commercial dryer to carry your blanket to a washing machine because it is too humid.

  • Place the blanket in the dryer and set it as low as possible. Prevent high heat changes because this will affect the wiring of the blanket.
  • Specify a timer for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After the timer stops, take out the blanket.
  • You can either air dry it with dry clothes or find a place where you would comfortably wrap the fabric to leave it to dry, either on a non-carpeted floor or such as on a large table.
  • You get to move and spread your hands slowly to suit the places that are out of shape or seem to be tightened when putting a blanket for air drying.
  • Be assured that the blanket is not put where the cable is bent out. Don’t use loops or clothespins either, until you’re confident they don’t press the wire.
  • You should dry your fabric until it lasts up to 24 hours. Before plugging in again, make sure you rub your hands over that and make sure that there are no wet or damp spots.

Drying an Electric Blanket

Drying an Electric Blanket

If your blanket cannot be fitted into your dryer or you prefer to air it to dry 100%, make sure you hang it flat or lie down.

You may wish to dry it in such a way so that the clothes place or hanging equipment like clothespins do not pinch or crimp with any cable. You should also ensure that the sheet cloth is manipulated so that it is in the correct place when it is dried.

Hand Wash Of An Electrical Blanket

How To Clean An Electric Blanket By hand

You can also pursue similar measures in cleaning if you have an electric blanket that needs to be hand washed or your washing machine is too tiny. Don’t use a washing machine because it’s going to be too hard on the blanket.

  • In a big plastic pot, you should wash the blanket electrically or use your bath.
  • Coldwater and a touch of light cleaning detergent cover the toilet.
  • Shake the blanket and remove any hair on the blanket and do whatever you can to remove it.
  • Place the blanket in the water and make sure it is fully immersed. Take 20 to 30 minutes to repair the time.
  • Daily, you can examine your blanket and shift your hands about in the water so the soil is extracted.
  • Take the blanket from the water. To drain excess water, use your hands. You would not want the blanket to wring so much as it will cause cable damage.
  • For drying the blanket, you may take the same measures above.

Dry Cleaning For Electrical Blankets

Although dry cleaning could look like an electric blanket road, it will harm them significantly if the chemical is not used correctly. Don’t restrict the use of a dry cleaner immediately. Most dry cleaners have a clear knowledge of how to properly wash electrical covers and alternative approaches without dry cleaning chemicals. Talk first to the dry cleaner, to ensure you have a track record in washing electrical blankets.

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Bottom Line

It is a good idea to thoroughly clean your throw blankets at least once a month, especially if you use them several times. Cleaning can be completed even until the winter has ended before you store it. Do not be frightened of using your laundry machine, as all it takes for your electric blankets are a few quick improvements to the standard washing routine.

We are all conscious about how beautiful an electric blanket can be and the many benefits that are provided by people who talk to one directly, but one such electrical device simply needs to go down. So, we should also know How to Wash an Electric Blanket Properly.

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