The 40 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

Hmm, I see there’s everything in your kitchen except for air! C’mon don’t blame it on the size of your kitchen. My one is small too but it always looks organized. Don’t worry, your kitchen is also not going to look so messy and stocked as I’m here to transform your one with the 40 kitchen cabinet storage ideas for a small kitchen.

Want to make your small kitchen look spot on? My storage ideas will take care of your every possible kitchen utensil like glassware, cookware, dinnerware, small appliances, pantry items, etc into an organized space by maximizing the space capacity. Remember the fewer items hang around randomly on the cabinet unnecessarily, the tidier your kitchen will look.

Want one? Let’s now get into the kitchen cabinet storage ideas.

1. Toss out the unnecessary things

Don’t fill the kitchen with junk products and then blame it on the small size! After putting your groceries, you might think the bag might be useful and keep it in your cabinets. Then before you know it, you’ll discover there’s a pile of bags that you kept to make it useful but in reality, they were never of much use. These what-am-I-doing-here products need to go! You have to remember your kitchen is too small to waste space on waste. 

 2. Installing upper cabinets

Installing upper cabinets

A kitchen with only down cabinets loses a lot of space above those to the ceiling for storage. Utilizing this space by installing upper cabinets will not only allow using a lot of storage space for many utensils but it is very modern and decorative as well. You can store your beautiful porcelain bowls or terracotta stands or an indoor plant above these upper cabinets for decoration. 

3. Using utensils for Decoration

You must have some nice purchases in the kitchen that is closer to your heart. You can hang those beautiful-looking things on any kitchen wall. Also if you got any special family inheritance or memorable things like your grandma’s favorite wooden utensils, just show them off by hanging those proudly and using them as a great decoration in your small kitchen. That way, those nice pieces will keep on increasing the elegance of your kitchen instead of just filling out some dark shelves with avoidance.

4. Fridge Drawer Organizer

Time to organize the stuff inside your fridge! Get some easily attachable drawers with the fridge shelves that make you utilize all the space inside. These come in a transparent hard plastic making it clear for you to know where is the item you are looking for. You don’t need to pull out everything on the fridge just to find one item. They will give your fridge a very organized vibe.

5. Shelf of Transparent Jars

See-through jars are not only very convenient but very stylish as well. You can have a specific shelf on your cabinet to keep all your jars with different food items. To maximize the space, store one jar over the other. This way you’ll have visible access to all your jars and things inside.

6. Cooking Caddy for Convenience

Among all kitchen cabinet storage ideas, getting a cooking caddy is far bigger beneficial than it might look. For your regular cooking, there must be some must-use spices and oils, right? But keeping them always on the counter spaces is not a good idea at least if you want your kitchen to look tidy. You can use a cooking caddy to keep your salt, oils, and spices and when the cooking is finished you can put them back in their space in the cabinet. No need to put all the elements back individually. Make sure the cooking caddy is easy to carry. 

7. Placing of Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are very important in any kitchen. While cooking, you sure use it frequently to make your wet plates or other dishes dry. So it has to be kept where it will be easily accessible. A dishwasher handle can be the perfect place for it to hang over without looking irrelevant. Also, an oven handle can be a good pick as the heat will soak up the humidity in them.

8. Tension Rod in the cabinet

Having a tension rod inside your cabinet is a great kitchen storage hack. You can easily hang all your cleaning stuff safely with that. Also, you can insert a kitchen tissue roll into the rod for easy access to it. Even you can keep the bag of your plastic bags in there. No extra things have to stay around making your kitchen look unorganized.

9. Magnetic Stainless Steel Paper Towel Rack

Paper towels are of various uses in a kitchen. We have to fit everything in a small kitchen in a way that nothing looks messy. To use all the space properly, next time get a paper towel rack that is magnetic so that you can stick it to your magnetic fridge also use the fridge door as a wall. 

10. Integrate Appliances in the middle

Integrate Appliances in the middle

A kitchen – small or big, all usually has appliances like a microwave and wine fridge. Keeping them with the walls will take up a lot of space in the cabinet. In Modern decoration, these things are kept on the kitchen island to save space on the cabinet. For a small kitchen, you can also install a sink in the middle to save more space on the side cabinet for other essential storage.

11. Pullout Chopping Board

This is such a big space saver! You are going to love everything pullout on kitchens seeing their convenience. Chopping boards are essential in any kitchen. Imagine you need to cut something,  you pulled your board out, and after finishing pulled back the board just like a drawer saving a lot of valuable space. How cool is that! 

12. Under-sink Storage Ideas

There’s a lot of free space under sinks that usually you don’t use for food or utensils storage. But as we have small kitchens, we can’t let any open space go free. Store all your dishwashing gels, cleaning brushes, and kitchen cleaning tools in there, and close the door under the sink for making the kitchen look so slick and organized.

13. Mobile Kitchen Storage Cart

For kitchen cabinet storage ideas, a mobile cart adds great value and also saves a lot of space. They come with convenience along with style too. suppose you are giving a feast to your friends or colleagues and prepping varieties of food. Keeping them on the cabinet countertop will eat up a lot of space. A kitchen storage cart gives you the luxury of using a lot more space on it without taking too much floor space. They come with many shelves in them one over another, and lets you use a more volume of space in the kitchen rather than keeping all the foods on the countertop. Besides, mobile carts with wheels are always easy to work with and serve the food all at one time. Such a good product of creativity! 

14. Install a Kitchen Cabinet Rollout

Talking about kitchen cabinet storage ideas? And there won’t be kitchen cabinet rollouts! Maybe in some other universe, not here! Having them in a small kitchen serves half of my hacks. They come with so many different-sized shelves – you can store all the food supply for months there separately in a clean and tidy capacity. Don’t sweat yourself searching for any food item here and there when you need it. Just keep everything organized in one place in your cabinet doing good use of all the spaces in it.

15. Hooks for Bananas

Bananas are best stored in open spaces rather than some shelve or drawers. Hooks with the wall of the kitchen cabinet are the best for storing bananas. Fridges dull the taste in them. So to keep the sweet taste intact, a banana hook is best for them to get enough light and air and stay fresh longer.

16. Install Expandable Shelves in Cabinets

You already have shelves in cabinets right! Let me give you a very easy hack to get some extra rooms for storage in your same cabinets. Just install extra small shelves that can fit through the gap between cabinet doors and the shelves. You can store your spoons and forks or small utensils in your newly created easily accessible pullout shelves.

17. Kitchen Window Plant rack

Who doesn’t love some fresh ingredients growing on their fingertips! If you are a person like me who likes some fresh leaves or herbs served on my plate, utilize your window portion of your small kitchen. For making it happen, install a wire self between two upper cabinets in a position in front of the window not-too-high-not-too-low making sure they are easily accessible, getting proper sunlight, and no probability of growing a small potato on your head.

18. Ceiling Pot Rack

Let’s utilize the almost blank ceiling space for our storage. Why stockpile the shelves with big pots while you can hang them on the ceiling! Installing ceiling pot racks will save you a lot of space on drawers and shelves making space for other utensils to be organized. 

19. Transparent Food Storage Container Set

Say bye-bye to your bags of pantry supplies for months. Don’t just store tens of bags of everything after buying them from the store. They occupy a lot of space in your cabinets. Instead, store them in air-tight container sets with transparency and long height to use the maximum space without wasting any of it. For Its transparency, you’ll always be notified of refilling it each time you open up the shelves door.

20. Kitchen Pantry Storage idea

I understand! Having a pantry in a small kitchen might be tough considering the size. Not when I’m here with my kitchen cabinet storage ideas for a small kitchen! How about you make your kitchen wall a pantry? You can have one pantry built up like a shelf with doors inside a portion of your kitchen wall. This way you can use that wall to keep the movable stuff like storage carts in front of the pantry to maximum use of space in your small kitchen.

21. Under Shelf Wire Rack

Having a wire rack under the shelf will give you extra room for storing utensils like frequently used plates, glasses, etc. It will also give your kitchen a decorative vibe.

22. K-Cup Pods Carousel

This modern-day design is extremely fascinating to look at. It can also be used as not only a space saver but also as a decorative tool. You no longer have to stock your drawers with all the k-Cups you own with various items in them. A K-Cup Pods Carousel uses a little floor space on your cabinet but contains a lot of K-Cups in its designing upper spaces. Such a smart tool for kitchen cabinet storage ideas!

23. Hanging Baskets from the Ceiling

Time to use even the ceiling for storage now! When your kitchen is small, you have to focus on every possibility of usable space in a clean and tidy way. Why let go of the ceiling then? Let’s use it properly by hanging some pretty baskets to decorate with some seasonal fruits that don’t require immediate freezing to last for some days like apples, oranges, mangoes, bananas, etc. You’ll be saving some good space in your fridge to store something else in this way. Also, some nice fruits hanging on the kitchen ceiling is a very modern decoration idea.

24. Two in one Waste Separation Bin

In a kitchen area, there are created different kinds of junk products – some are waste stuff, some are recyclable. Now we can’t afford to place two different bins for them in our small kitchens. So get a modern separation bin that has 2 bins in it one as a trash can and another one for recycling stuff. They do the work for two taking the floor space of only one. Cool no?

25. Magnetic Organization Rack

You can install a magnetic organizer rack on any metallic body. The best place will be your magnetic fridge. You can place paper towels, kitchen towels, frequently used spices, or salt a hand away. The best thing is you can easily change its place whenever you need or feel comfortable with it.

26. Stackable Drawer for Small Utensils 

Don’t store your small utensils like spoons on the shelves with the big stuff. Instead have a different drawer for your cutlery items to have easy access to them and also make your small kitchen look much more organized.

27. Over-Sink Dish Drying Rack

Consider installing a dish drying rack over your sink for the most convenience. Water drips down from newly washed dishes and storing them somewhere else might create a nasty mess on everything below the dishes. This made the over-sink rack best for drying dishes. 

28. Drawer for your electronics

Putting your phone anywhere in the kitchen is not a good idea. Make a drawer for your personal essentials like keys, phones, tabs, etc for separately keeping them from food items. Installing a current socket inside the pullout drawer is a very smart idea to charge your devices safe from any water substance while you cook.

29. Stackable kitchen utensils 

You must have different-sized bowls, colanders, round utensils, measuring sets, etc. Storing them differently will take a lot of floor space on your cabinet. One of my best kitchen cabinet storage ideas will be to be smart with these utensils. Instead of keeping them differently filling out different spaces, what you can do is save your space by putting each smaller one inside the small one. This way all these utensils will take up way less space in your small kitchen and also look more organized.

30. Gravity Can storage

They are little storages with slightly downward bent shelves. You can find canned goods in any kitchen. Suppose you finished the cans from the front rows. Getting the cans from the backsides might be a little tiring. Then these gravity-can storages come into the role. When you take one can, each can on the back rolls down taking the place of its previous one.

31. Decorative Backsplash Rack

To store some nice utensils and also put them to display, a backsplash rack is too good to be true! They offer easy access to your favorite utensils hanging with them. It’s very easy to install. The best wall to have this beautiful decorative backsplash rack is closer to the cooking gear so that you can use them not moving far away from your food in the process.

32. Under Shelf Wine Glasses Holder

Instead of stocking your cabinet shelves with all your wine glasses, put them on display upside down in under-shelf stemware holders. This is one of the best kitchen cabinet storage ideas to maximize the space in a small kitchen.

33. Slide Out Bin Holder

Slide-out bin holders, a real space saver. When you need any trash to throw just slide it out and again slide it back to where it was. None from outside visiting your house will have to see a trash bin. 

34. Water Bottle Holders

Keeping some water bottles on the kitchen counter can make it look a little messy. Also, they occupy valuable spaces. Have a water bottle holder where you can store them lying one over another to stock more bottles in a smaller space.

35. Tight Space Kitchen Pantry

Can you see some extra unusable space between your counter and fridge? Will you believe me if I say you can use that tiny space of some inches too? Yes! You can get a kitchen pantry for tight spaces where you can just slide it out to grab your small spice boxes or cans and slide back in. 

36. Rollout Wine Storage for Small Kitchens

Want to turn your small messy kitchen into a luxurious one? Work on your drawers. I’m sure there’s a drawer with unnecessary bags, menu, paper, etc piled up one over another without you giving focus on it. Toss them out first! Then after cleaning it, use it as your wine storage. Lend me your ears. Let me tell you a very effective hack to maximize the space of your wine storage. Instead of just putting the wine bottles in the same direction, alternate the direction one after another so to make sure all the spaces are well utilized and the bottles nest well perfectly!

37. Knife Block and Cutting Board Holder

Keep all your cutting tools organized in a separate holder to revamp the professional and tidy look of your kitchen. Show off all the various styles of knives and cutting boards in a slick-looking holder.

38. Microwave Cart with under shelves

With a microwave cart you can move it anywhere anytime you want to. Besides they come with shelves and many different hangers below the microwave holder giving the space to store some other items that are frequently used in microwaves like heat protection gloves, towels, dishes, or bowls that you generally use in microwaves.

39. Spice storage for small kitchen

Keep all your spice collections separately on a shelf in transparent jars. You can level them up by writing down their name on each of them. This way you don’t have to sweat your body while looking for a specific one.

40. Wall baskets

You can get a set of wall baskets installed with your kitchen wall where there’s some extra space left. These can be used to store different fresh fruits in different baskets. Storage along with decoration – that’s what smart kitchen cabinet storage ideas look like!

How do you decide what to go where in a kitchen cabinet?

Plan to store things according to easy accessibility. Like, think about what you need most when cooking, then store them closer to your cooking gears in the cabinet. Dishes and glasses should be stored closer to sinks or dishwashers etc.

How can I organize my pans in the kitchen?

A good decorative way to organize pans is by hanging them downward with pan hangers on the wall near the cooking gear.

Why organizing is important when you can stock more items randomly?

That’s not technically correct. You can store more products by organizing them properly. Also, you will need way less time to find out every product than from a pyramid of random items.

What’s more convenient – A separation bin or a slideout bin?

Depends on what kind of trash is generated from your kitchen. I may suggest a slide-out bin – no specific logic, just personal choice! It’s for the people who like to keep their trash bins out of sight.

Where can I make some space to write if I need to note down something?

Talking like a professional chef! You can install a small erasable board with the inside wall of a cabinet door that is on the level of your face.