How to Organize a Small Home Office? 50 Chic Ideas

How to Organize a Small Home Office

Times are changing and how we go about things is evolving. Gone are the days that everyone is expected to report to work daily and most often than none, our homes have also become our offices for good or for bad.

If you’re one of those who’ve embraced such change whether you are a work-from-home employee or a freelancer, it’s always a good idea to organize your workspace so that you may still separate your job from your home duties or routine.

Here are a few chic ideas on how to organize a home office to keep it not only stylish but also efficient.

1. Keep desk accessories clean and simple

Keep desk accessories clean and simple

Let’s start with something simple but most often overlooked. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make our daily lives more comfortable and efficient. In a home office and your work desk, you’d have a lot of things in there that you’d need consistently but there are also some that you don’t.

Be sure to keep your desk clean and your accessories minimal and to whatever is just necessary. Eliminating clutter clears the mind to work more efficiently and for the more important tasks.

2. Bring in plenty of shelving

Bring in plenty of shelving

If you plan to have a well-organized home office then you’re going to have to install a lot of shelving space. The beauty about shelves is that you can easily organize your stuff may it be documents, accessories, or work tools in one place and that it could be neatly tucked away in one area may it be by your desk or by a wall.

3. Customize a working wall calendar

Customize a working wall calendar

One way to be efficient when working from home is to always be wary of the time and date. A working wall calendar can help to be a reminder and to keep you on the right track. If you’re new to work at home setup then we warn you that’s it’s so easy to get lost in the days and be detached from the world due to the blurred boundaries between work and life.

A good calendar can help you be more organized.

4. Organize items in cubbies

Organize items in cubbies

Cubbies are perfect organizers and you’ll have everything in one place and categorized if you will. And you won’t just have stuff lying around and not knowing where to find what at any given time. Cubbies are also quite stylish and they will add flair to your home office.

5. Maintain a bin organizing system

Maintain a bin organizing system

Like shelves and cubbies, bins are also great for organizing stuff. If you do a lot of paper works and if you need a lot of accessories to get things done then bin organizers are a perfect choice. You’ll know where things are where all the time. You can put labels on them and that will make them look professional reminding you that this is an office space even if you are at home.

6. Take advantage of paper holders

Take advantage of paper holders

If you file a lot of documents and are constantly in need of paper then you should take note that there are paper holders that can help you organize your stuff neatly and make sure that everything is in its proper place.

Paper can clutter just as easily and so it should always be kept properly.

7. Surround yourself with beauty

Best Home Office Inspiration

Always find ways to inspire you in your home office. It can all get stale rather fast and you need to constantly have the will to work and be efficient at it. Spice up your home office by bringing a little bit of aesthetic into the mix.

Minimalistic, modern, or futuristic themes are highly recommended for home offices.

8. Put inspiration on display

Put inspiration on display

And of course, if you work from home, you need to be motivated at all times. You can’t have family loiter as you work as it can serve as a distraction so, to remedy this you can have pictures of your kids, husband, or wife instead to inspire you to work harder day in and day out.

9. Install a wall of cabinets

Install a wall of cabinets

You can tuck away a lot of stuff neatly and securely on cabinets and most of all, you can use it for more than just things for work plus they are easily accessible. Install stylish cabinets in your office space at home to further add flair to your daily routine.

10. Create a command center

Create a command center

As mentioned, if you work in a home office setup, it is quite easy to get distracted and be inefficient or unproductive. Having a command center at your home office where you have everything from calendars, to bulletin boards, and to-do lists to keep you on track is helpful to put you in the right mindset.

11. Get an organizational system in place

A command center is one way to have an organized system. This is more like a tip than a chic home office idea. Before you start working at home make sure to have guidelines or rules set. Not just for yourself but also your family or even pets should you be living with them.

This way, you won’t get distracted and perform poorly at your work.

12. Sweep your desk clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say, but we say that cleanliness is key to being productive. If your desk is dirty and there’s clutter all around then your mind will be too. So, be sure to always clean your desk.

13. Interior design your filing cabinet

Interior design your filing cabinet

You can’t have a cabinet of stuff and just have it all disorganized that just defeats the purpose of having one in the first place. Make sure to design your cabinet’s interior and in such a way you’d know where everything is at all the time. There are a lot of stylish yet effective ideas online.

14. Curb cable clutter

Curb cable clutter

Ah, the old cable problems. If you work from home, the cable situation can get really out of hand really fast and we’re not even kidding. Computers, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, internet cabling, and a lot more can get entangled and you might not know how to keep it neat and organize.

Note to self, don’t let it happen. Be wary of your cabling or get a pro to organize them neatly for you. There are also neat DIY tricks that you can try.

15. Keep important accessories handy

Make sure to have some sort of basket at your desk that will have what you need consistently all the time. Pens, clips, paper, whatever is it that you need in an instant should be close to you always.

16. Keep a well balanced work environment

Keep a well balanced work environment

All this tells us is to know how to set boundaries. If you want to have a well-balanced work and life environment then be sure to keep any work-related stuff out of personal spaces like your living room or bedroom.

17. Relocate personal items

Also, be sure to keep personal items out of your office space at home. If you’re living with others or family with or without kids, make sure that everyone knows the rules and boundaries.

18. Rein in your calendar and to-do lists

Always make sure to check on your calendar and a to-do list at all times. Check on them before you start your day and before you end one. Update it regularly and be sure to accomplish tasks within your “office” hours to prevent work from invading your personal time.

19. Organize your pc

Organize your pc

Ah! Of course. Make sure to always organize your computer. Install the right software you need and make sure that you always keep documents in the right folders. Don’t let it all get disorganized, once again, like the cables, prevention is the key.

20. Keep your hardware in good condition

Also, if your computer’s programs and files are organized, you too need to make sure that your hardware devices are in good condition. Make sure they get good ventilation, that’s why it’s important to have an air-conditioned work office and that they are updated to prevent hiccups. If they malfunction, your work suffers and you don’t want that.

21. Always keep cleaning materials handy

Another simple yet effective piece of advice. Always keep cleaning materials handy so you may clean any litter right away instead of putting it off for later. A dirty home office is not a productive home office.

22. Familiarize yourself with the work from home setup

Always keep in mind that you won’t have access to an IT guy right away if something goes wrong like in an office setup. So, be sure to familiarize yourself (if you’re not techie enough yourself) with the different aspects of it.

VPN, computer hardware, and software are just a few of the stuff you’re going to at least get to know the basics of. This ensures uninterrupted work or keeps it to a minimum at least.

23. Make sure to keep your lines open

Make sure to keep your lines open

Make sure to keep your communication lines open. Knowing who to call and when to call when you need assistance in a work-from-home setup is valuable for not screwing things up. Setup your landline phone by your desk if you must. Nowadays, we have all sorts of ways to communicate so problems will be at a minimum, we hope.

24. Keep the noise down

If you live alone then there wouldn’t be much noise maybe. But if you live with family or someone else, then make sure to tell them that you’ll be working at home and so they need to respect that and keep the noise to a minimum.

25. Pick a strategic place

Pick a strategic place

This applies to the place where you actually plan to live to have a work-at-home setup and also if you live in a house, this refers to picking the right room for your home office.

Pick a place that will give you both privacy and peace of mind to operate.

26. Leave some room for music

There are some who can’t work productively if there’s music but most we know loves to listen to some relaxing tunes while they do. And before you say that wait, you said to keep the noise down, music is not noise and it’s soothing.

Setup some speakers in the background or maybe grab good quality headphones.

27. Remember to take breaks

Remember to take breaks

We know that we want to concentrate on working but remember to take some quick breaks and an appropriate time for lunch. Know when to let the kids or pets in and have some play or chat time.

This way, you’ll get renewed vigor every time.

28. Healthy snacks

It’s easy to live an unhealthy lifestyle especially if we work inside our houses for 5 to 6 days. So, you must make up for it by eating healthy foods. A balanced diet plus fruits for snacks should suffice.

29. Little receptacles for necessities

Little receptacles for necessities

As we said, you need to have all the things you need handy and that applies to your food too. Have some fruits ready by your desk that you may snack on anytime. Place them on stylish bowls or receptacles so they won’t create a distraction and add flavor to your work environment at home.

30. Room for exercise

Have your yoga mat ready or any tools for exercise anytime. You need to at least do some stretching exercises before you work. As you take breaks to eat or unwind, also, don’t forget to take breaks to stretch and move your body. Make sure you have the right equipment for added motivation.

31. Accessories your computer

Accessories your computer

Computer accessories while they look cool and stylish are not bought just for aesthetic purposes. They are also functional and help you become more productive.

What to buy? An ergonomic mouse, keyboard with background lighting, and laptop cooler should be on top of your list.

32. Set up good lighting

You can’t work properly if you don’t have proper lighting in your home office. Most of us will have to face the computer the entire day or for a minimum of 8 to 10 hours 5 days a week.

That is bad for our eyes and overall health. How to remedy such a situation? Well, make sure to get good lighting. Adequate lighting is the key.

33. Setup some fancy lights

Setup some fancy lights

Want to add some flair into your home office? One way to do so is through lighting, go rustic, industrial, or modern. These are cool designs that will spice up the aesthetic of your workspace and at the same time illuminate the place.

34. Fancy lamps

More on lighting up your workspace at home, why don’t you get some fancy lamps set up? You can set it up by your desk or above your head.

35. Get an ergonomic chair

Get an ergonomic chair

Gaming chairs are recommended for those who work at home for they are not only comfortable but pretty ergonomic and meant for prolonged hours of sitting down.

They come in fancy designs too that cater to one’s personality.

36. Modern but formal look

If you still want to keep it professional then you can opt for some modern furniture and style in your home office. Maybe some shade of grey, white, or blue in terms of color. Remember if you go this route, it is function over form.

37. Go minimalistic

Go minimalistic

The concept of minimalism is always going to fit well for homes that need to be converted into a home office or at least be multifunctional. What if you can’t spare a room solely for work? Then, you get creative.

Embrace minimalism.

38. Get a folding desk

Folding desks are convenient, efficient, and flexible. You can use them and take them to any part of your house. They are space savers and if it’s not time to use them, you can easily store them aside tucking them away neatly to give room for something else.

39. Stay mobile

Getting a desk and chair with wheels is always a good idea if you live in a cramped home or apartment. With limited space, you need to get around easily. If one area is not available then you can move somewhere else and chairs and tables with wheels can facilitate that.

40. Change your work at home set up

Having a laptop instead of a desktop computer is also a huge plus in your work at home setup especially if you have very little space. You can easily lounge on your couch as you work depending on the nature of your job with it.

41. Get noise cancelling headphones

Get noise cancelling headphones

Sometimes, you can’t focus because there’s really no way to eliminate noises. Whether it’d be coming from inside your house or outside your house if you live in a bust area. To focus, one can opt for noise-canceling headphones to keep you on the right track while eliminating distractions.

42. Utilize your walls

Utilize your walls

If you don’t have any room for an office then utilize your bedroom wall. Go for a fold-down table that you can fold up neatly when not in use. Go for a hanging lamp for additional lighting and some hanging shelves for the rest of your needs.

43. Go for bright colors

Go for bright colors

Nothing is more inspiring than bright pristine colors. Opt for white furniture and lighting and you’ll be inspired to work day in and day out. Better yet, if you work during the daytime then opt for windows that let natural lighting inadequately.

44. Make sure there’s enough ventilation

Depending on how warm or cold it is from where you live, you need to make sure that there’s adequate ventilation not just for you but for your work equipment especially your computers.

We don’t know about you, but we prefer natural air coming and going as we work as opposed to an air-conditioner. Open the windows if it’s not noisy outside and let the air flow unimpaired.

45. Room for books

Room for books

Books, magazines, and any form of write-ups will always add some flavor into a room no matter if it’s a workspace or not. Get bookshelves or bookends to accent your home office.

46. Room for shared workspace

Room for shared workspace

Not the only one working at home? Highly likely in this day and age, right? Instead of being solitary the whole day, why don’t you set up a nice co-working space for your partner or flatmate? It should be fun.

47. Splash some colors

Who says that in order to stay professional you need to have boring colors at your home office only? That’s nonsense. You can splash some lively and bright colors into your place to liven things up a little.

48. Hang some artworks

Hang some artworks

Art inspires no matter what you do and wherever you do it. Utilize those walls that are bare and hang some paintings on them. Better yet inspiring pictures that can also double as a source of relaxation.

Pick to hang those with inspiring quotes to uplift the spirit.

49. Lots of windows

Let the sunshine in! As mentioned, natural lighting and the air are much more preferred by many. And it’s just always vigorous to work by the window especially if you work early in the morning until around early in the afternoon.

Open the windows but first, you need to have large windows to fully enjoy the view and the sun.

50. Bring in nature

Bring in nature

And lastly, don’t forget to bring nature into your home office space. Decorate it with indoor plants and flowers. Fresh ones and replenish them regularly. Not only do they add beauty to your room but help keep the air clean and fresh.

Having given the chance to work from home can both be a blessing and a curse. All right, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration but we think you know what we are talking about. So, why choose to work on a posh home office that’s not only chic but also convenient and efficient.

Stay focused on your work and at the same time, stay connected with your family still. That’s the goal, right? To balance work and life. So keep on keeping on for from here, there’s no way to go but forward.

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