Small Apartment Organization Ideas: 50 Smart Tricks

Small Apartment Organization Ideas

It’s no accident that creativity blooms if there are lots of imposed restraints. And if you find yourself living in a small apartment, take it as an opportunity to be creative rather than living uncomfortably in a cramped space.

Really, there are tons of things that you can do in order to maximize small spaces and do it in style. Don’t worry, we got you covered! We’ve listed down not just 1 or 10 but 50 small apartment organization ideas and tricks that would help you not only eliminate clutter but live efficiently and ideally. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go for it!

Organization Ideas To Follow:

1. Minimize clutter in your entryway

Minimize clutter in your entryway
Photo via @ ahdandco

How to minimize clutter on your entryway? Simple, you just need to decide the exact purpose of your entryway. Shoes and boots? Or jackets and coats? Choose and remove anything else that isn’t part of your vision for your entryway.

Everything else can go someplace else and so your entryway won’t look as disorganized as it will be if you don’t decide its purpose right here and now.

2. Go with an ottoman bed

Go with an ottoman bed
Photo via @pineandoakwarehouse

An ottoman bed is perfect if you live in a small apartment. It’s one of the many secrets of a good small apartment organization and you know why?

Well, that’s because an ottoman bed is not just a bed! It’s got storage spaces in it that you may utilize as additional storage space for towels, beddings, linens, and whole other stuff. Go get one!

3. Build your own platform bed

Build your own platform bed
Photo via @joshmakes

The same as with an ottoman bed, a platform bed is also quite convenient and efficient to have if you live in a small apartment. Simply because of additional storage spaces, it yields since its design does not require any sort of support underneath it.

So, from that, you already have additional space underneath your bed for all of your other stuff and they’ll be tucked away nicely in that area not cluttering about.

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4. Take advantage of under bed storage

Take advantage of under bed storage
Photo via @rathwoodworking

Just like what we tackled above, whether you have an ottoman or platform bed, be sure to not forget that if you have space underneath your bed, you’re going to have to utilize it if you live in a small apartment.

But remember, always keep that area clean or it will damage anything you put underneath your bed. A small yet clean space is always an ideal space to live in.

5. Utilize over-the-bed storage

If you utilize the extra space underneath your bed then don’t forget about the space above your bed. There are tons of cool over-the-bed storage ideas online where you can build a cabinet immediately above it or maybe just a shelf.

Just take note though to keep it stable and only store stuff that isn’t heavy or won’t fall off easily to avoid any mishaps or accidents that may lead to injury.

6. Choose a storage headboard

Choose a storage headboard
Photo via @artsolutemediagroup

In relation to our previous suggestion, a headboard is also a great way to go. Keeping a versatile headboard for additional storage or display space is always a good idea for people living in small spaces.

7. Use a footboard for a TV stand

Use a footboard for a TV stand
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Alas, those who always find themselves watching their favorite movies or shows in bed rejoice! If you didn’t know, then now we’re telling you to turn your bed’s footboard into a TV stand so you don’t only make your life better by having access to entertainment anytime but also free up space that was supposedly for the TV and has at your feet literally at all times.

8. Get a room divider with storage

Get a room divider with storage
Photo via @islajamesinteriors

If you live in a small apartment then privacy can sometimes be hard to have or at least having some separate space for yourself especially if there are visitors coming. Having room dividers readily at your disposal should be a great way not only to secure privacy but maximize the space you have.

9. Make the most of vertical space

Make the most of vertical space
Photo via @vaunted_green

We’ve touched on this a little bit with the underneath and over your bed storage suggestions. There’s a reason why vertical gardens or skyscrapers exist and that’s because there’s not a lot of space to go wide anymore and there’s no place to go but up!

You can use the same concept inside your small apartment and utilize any vertical space you have for say books, artworks, clothes and etc.

10. Install a fold-down table

Yes, of course, we can’t forget about the fold down table which is very space-efficient and convenient. Make sure to install at least one or two in your small home.

You may use them for work if you work from home, to eat on, or to study on, they are versatile and won’t consume space if you’re not using them.

11. Add storage furniture to the kitchen

Add storage furniture to the kitchen
Photo via @acorn_cottage_

Extra cabinets are always good options in your kitchen if you live in a small apartment. They will make your kitchen look good too if you accent them a little bit plus you have a lot of stuff in your kitchen so they should be must-haves.

12. Opt for a rolling island

Opt for a rolling island
Photo via loverenovate

A rolling island or otherwise called a kitchen peninsula is such an obvious yet most of the time overlooked solution to small spaces. It’s convenient, efficient, and flexible in offering additional space for you to use as a countertop.

So, please don’t overlook it any further and secure a rolling island for yourself, it’s very stylish to boot!

13. Don’t forget the space behind the door

Don’t forget the space behind the door
Photo via@ like_it_j

Sometimes we overlook too that there’s plenty of space behind our doors. Especially in our bedroom door where we can install a hook on and hang some clothes on it.

It’s neat and tucked away nicely so you won’t have to worry about how it will look or at least most of the time. Remember, there’s more room behind the door.

14. Trade coffee tables for footstools

Trade coffee tables for footstools
Photo via @complete_furniture

Tables take up a lot of space and do not have a lot of function nor flexibility. So, why not try some fancy footstools that may help you save space and have more than one function inside your small apartment.

Aside from something you can put things on, you may also use it for relaxation and they are way stylish than tables, don’t you agree?

15. Utilize storage cubbies

If you’re going to have cabinets then why not utilize a storage cubby. These are not just stylish but a great way to organize your stuff in it as it’s got a lot of compartments.

You may have one in your bedroom, kitchen, or in your living room. Your stuff or displays will look fancy in them too.

16. Get cozy with corners

Every nook and cranny should serve something if you live in a small apartment especially the corners of your place. You may put a tall piece of furniture in it or maybe put your workstation in it.

Also, it would be a good idea to build a customized storage closet in a corner so you can really make use of it.

17. Create a closet

Create a closet
Photo via @cupboardbrothers

Speaking of creating closets, why don’t you just go ahead and customized cabinets, closets, or storage compartments in your place? It will take a lot of work and maybe it will cost a little bit too with the labor and all but hey, it will all be cost-effective.

Also, if you are handy with the woodwork yourself then maybe you can save on the labor costs after all.

18. Use wall space for accessories

Use wall space for accessories
Photo via @poeticinspirati

Not really on the space-saving and function side of things but if you want to spice things up aesthetic-wise in your apartment then maybe think about hanging a few décors on the wall.

Think of a theme and apply the said theme to your walls, it should be fun!

19. Replace dressers with floating shelves

Once again, we replace the furniture that takes up a lot of space and opts for minimalist ones like replacing your bulky dressers with floating shelves instead.

Floating shelves are also stylish won’t take up floor space and can just hang on your walls and in any part of your house. They can be made of different materials and can add beauty to your tiny home.

20. Save space with nesting tables

Save space with nesting tables
Photo via @moonstruck28

Nesting tables don’t take up much space but if you need them then you will have a lot of tables to use especially if there’s an occasion to celebrate and you have people coming over. They can be stored or tucked away neatly on a corner or underneath something.

21. Hang curtains to disguise clutter

Hang curtains to disguise clutter

Ah! The old trickery to hide the clutter behind curtains. Really, you can try this trick, not a long-term solution but a solution nonetheless.

22. Tackle jammed cabinets

Sometimes, broken stuff keeps our living conditions harder and so if you have anything like a jammed cabinet then be sure to address such an issue right away. It will make your life better for sure.

23. Declutter countertops

Declutter countertops
Photo Via @eyec11s

Also, organizing our stuff and throwing away what we no longer need is what we have to do to organize our apartment better. Declutter your countertops for example. We’re pretty sure that you have a thing or two that are better off thrown away or hidden somewhere as opposed to just lying around.

24. Organize the tub

Simple and straightforward, don’t let the tub have clutter all around it too much like your countertop.

25. Make your bed and clean it too

We hope that this doesn’t apply to adults but yeah each and everyone in the house should be responsible for making and cleaning their own beds, no exception!

26. Rethink your closet

Rethink your closet
Photo Via @clearspacebyshiffy

Think your closet needs some reorganization? If you think it, then it might really be needed. Reorganized how you place things inside or better yet get a more minimalistic closet to save space.

27. Reorganize your dresser

The same as with your closet. Make sure that your dresser serves more than just one function for it to be efficient.

28. Under-bed storage

Under-bed storage
Photo Via @hello.prim

Once again, be sure to utilize what’s under your bed or rather what’s not under your bed for extra storage. If there’s space then maybe build a cabinet underneath it.

29. Take advantage of empty wall space

Take advantage of empty wall space
Photo via @samadhaan20

Empty wall spaces will always give you additional vertical storage space. It may not be very stylish in your living room but try in your bedroom where you have more privacy to set up hooks and hang stuff on it.

30. Keep similar items together

Keep similar items together
Photo via @frayzgift_et_all

A key to small apartment organization is to organize your items and keep similar ones together so they don’t only clutter but are easy to find and use whenever you need them.

31. Hang up extra items

Hang up extra items
Photo via @tiarachh

Every space where you can hang stuff, well, hang stuff. Remember, your imagination is your only limit. Think minimalistic approaches to problem-solving.

32. Keep cleaning supplies handy

Keep cleaning supplies handy
Photo via @ourdreamhomeno14

Cleanliness is next to godliness and cleanliness is key to an organized apartment. Always make sure to have your cleaning supplies handy and stored in one place and tucked away neatly.

33. Section out drawers

Section out drawers
Photo via @unclutterco

As if we have not emphasized this enough already, please make sure to organize the stuff you put in your drawers, label them if you will. Trust us, it will really make your life easier.

34. Let the pantry work for you

Spice up your pantry put everything that you need in one place. Invest in devices or appliances that are multi-functional and make things easier for you in terms of your food and drink needs.

35. Consider rearranging

If things are getting too crowded and bothersome then make sure to take time and change things up!

36. Keep track of odds and ends

Something doesn’t feel, right? Maybe there are a few things off in your place. Investigate and solve problems accordingly, don’t let it all linger and leave you restless.

37. Organize items by use

Ah yes! Organize your stuff based on what you use them for and keep proximity appropriate at all times.

38. Control the cords

File away cords neatly and according to their usage too!

39. File away

Don’t need some stuff that is cluttered around but do you think they are important enough to keep? Well, keep them tucked away nicely on storage but be sure that they won’t rot either.

40. Give tech a home

Keep all of your tech and devices in one place too. Not only will you keep them organized but secure as well as they’ll get damaged easily by moisture.

41. Keep everything mobile

Want to live cool, minimalistic, efficient, and flexible? Well, what we suggest is for you to think about putting everything on wheels. Move everything around easily.

42. Store items in plain sight

Don’t have anywhere else to put your stuff inside of? Well, put them in plain sight as long as won’t clutter, well, they might but good-looking clutter should be acceptable.

43. Install shelves on bedroom walls

Books, clothes, food, etc. Keep them on shelves on your walls. Have someone customized them for you.

44. Clip binders for cord storage

Related to organizing your tech and stuff, try using clip binders to tuck away all your cords neatly. They are cheap and effective.

45. Clothes rack on corners

Clothes rack on corners
Photo via @thegifteryandmore

Once again, be imaginative, if you can customize shelves then you can customize racks too and place them in the corners of your bedroom. You can put a lot of clothes in racks and they occupy very little legroom.

46. Crown molding for shoe racks

Shoes cluttered all around your place? We know that there’s a lot of us that live in small spaces yet have a lot of things. No worries, try using crown molding and why don’t you hang every shoe you own on them. They will look like a legit collection and save lots of space too and you will not stumble upon them every time either.

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47. Staircase bookshelves

Because, why not? Staircase bookshelves are stylish and won’t occupy much space. Plus, it will give you a ton of space to store your beloved book collection into. It provides good support for your staircase to boot.

48. Old suitcases

Old suitcases
Photo via @coverdalestyle

Wait, what? Yep, old suitcases can be used as a table or storage area or some sort of countertop. You get our point. They look good, rustic, and really stylish plus, you don’t have to worry about where to put them for now.

49. Your radiator can be a shelf space

Your radiator can be a shelf space
Photo via @outsidetheboxts

Ah, if you think that we forgot a possible shelf space then think again! Your radiator has a nice space on top of it that can be used for anything you desire.

Most often than none, small apartments will have radiators because we can’t really live without them, can we? So why don’t we make use of it!

50. Yoga mats on your wall

Yoga mats on your wall
Photo via @yoganyclife

Exercise a lot? Do yoga regularly? Instead of just rolling and tucking away your mat every time you finish using it and it occupies precious space meant for something else, why don’t you just go ahead and hang it on your wall? Neat, huh?

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Try our suggestions, hacks, and tricks and see how they will make a difference in your life within your tiny apartment pronto! Remember, be creative.

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