Best Way to Store Shoes in Small Spaces- 20 Smart Ideas!

Best Way to Store Shoes in Small Spaces

Storing shoes can be a hassle because a pair as such seem to always be lying around here and there, especially if you live in a small space. For those struggling with organizing, storing your shoes can be downright frustrating.

To relieve your issues just a little bit, and also put an end to your organizing problems, we are going to take a look at 20 smart and unique ideas that you can put into use when organizing and storing shoes.

Anyway, let us quit wasting time and get right into the article!

1. Keep Your Shoes Off the Floor

One of the easiest things that you can do to keep your shoes stored in an organized manner, is to first get that bloody pair off of the floor! Seriously, nothing looks messier than different paired shoes just lying here and there is no order at all.

2. Avoid Storing Shoes in Wire Racks

We know, storing shoes in wired racks seems very tempting and pleasant, but all they do is mess things up even more. If you had to take our word for it, avoid storing your shoes in wire racks as they prevent the organization and also damage your shoes in the long run. How?

Well, keeping shoes in wire racks mean that the pair will be open to dust and all kinds of gross stuff flying around in the air.

3. Sort Shoes into Categories

The best way to keep all your shoes in place is to sort them out in a categorized manner. This means pairing up the fancy shoes in one category and separating the casual footwear accordingly too.

4. Assess Whether You Need a Separate Shoes Storage Solution or Not

Before you get started with cleaning out your entire shoe rack, we think it would be much wiser to first take some time off to actually analyze if you really need separate shoe storage containers or systems to keep your footwear organized and in order.

5. Use Clear Shoe Boxes with Lids

An easy way to identify which pair is like what when you are in a hurry is to invest in clear shoe boxes. These boxes usually come with lids that you can put on top, therefore keeping your shoes safe from dust and pollution.

6. Get Some Shoe Bins

Such an item is also very portable and compact in size, so you can place it anywhere you want. We would suggest you place the shoe bin right behind the entry door of your house, as that will allow you and your guests to simply throw the shoes in upon arrival.

7. Keep all Your Heels in One Place

This is a great way to keep all your heels in one place, without actually forcing any external damage onto them. On top of that, the very top shelf of your closet will look splendid as well!

8. Store Flats, Sandals, and Slip-Ons in Over-The-Door Organizers

Such footwear can be a real bother when you have to organize your closet. But owning an over-the-door organizer set can easily make your cleaning and storage sessions a whole lot of fun and faster.

9. DIY Sandal Holders Using Wire Hangers

Did you know you can actually put those age-old wire hangers to use by turning them into DIY sandal holders? Apparently, that does work really well! All you will need are a pair of scissors, your old wire hangers, and maybe some permanent glue to hold everything in place.

10. Store Boots Upright

What some people tend to do wrong is placing their boots faced down in the closet, or on the shelves. But we would suggest you take the smarter and wiser route, and store your boots in an upright position instead.

11. Use Vinegar and Polish to Make Leather Boots Look New

By mixing a spoonful or two or vinegar with equal amounts of polish, you can easily bring back the lost shine and look to your leather boots, while also getting rid of stubborn stains. How amazing is that?

12. Clean Suede Boots with Talcum Powder

To clean suede boots, cover the pair with talcum powder and gently start brushing the boots with a soft-bristled brush. This will bring back the shine while also leaving a fresh and clean fragrance on the shoes.

Use the dry towel to remove any remaining residue, and also to leave a final shine to the pair. Isn’t that just too simple?

13. Consider Storing Sneakers in Shoe Baskets of Cubbies

If you want to keep your footwear organized and looking clean and tidy all the time, then it is vital for you to store them in either boxes or cubbies, so that each pair has a designated area to be in when not in use.

14. Keep Sneakers Fresh with shoe cleaner

Mr. Clean is an amazing product to use and own if you are obsessed with collecting shoes. It does not matter how many times you have worn a new pair, or if you simply are storing them for visual reasons, as cleaning them is a must-do ritual you need to act on at least twice a week.

15.Take Professional Help

MakeSpace provides customers with professional help that can easily get things done, just the way you want and desire. The price is minimal, but the result is flawless and downright satisfactory to look at!

Simple Ways to Utilize Space and Daily Objects to Store Shoes

It is finally time to get into the hard part and discuss the ways you can easily utilize space in your own house when it comes to storing shoes. It does not matter whether you live in a mansion, or in a small cottage, as everyone and anyone can make space in their abode, by doing a few, simple hacks.

1. Place a Tiny Drawer Just for Shoes Near the Doorway

The tiny drawer, which will be more like a basket, will prompt guests and even you to throw your shoes in one place. This way, the floor will be clean and your shoes will stay in order as well.

2. Shelves Will Also Do the Trick!

Shelves are just as useful as tiny drawers, and also keep things in order and arranged for a long time. On top of that, it might actually be easier and more functional for you and your guests to keep shoes on shelves than throwing them into drawers.

3. Build Shoe Shelves in Tiny Corners

If you don’t know where the ideal location is for shoe shelves, you might want to try getting them installed in corners, as that will save up on the space while also making everything look neat and clean.

4. Use Walls- As High as You Can!

Using walls to install shelves or drawers in the corners is a great method of creating space when you lack it in your house. You can use these corners to store your shoes and keep them organized pretty well.


You can even go for a more professional look and invest in an IKEA GRUNDTAL railing for the walls of your house. These rails act as a barrier between the shelves and the abyss below, therefore keeping your shoes and knee-high boots from toppling over.

6. Store Them Under the Couch

If you want, you can even go for a simple hack that would include you storing your shoes and sandals under the couch. However, this is mainly possible if you own a high-rise couch or one with multiple drawer space underneath.

7. Maximize Under-bed Storage Space

Similar to keeping things stored under the couch, you can also try utilizing the space under your bed to keep your shoes and sandals organized. This might not be an ideal storage space for long boots, but it will perfectly accommodate your thin sandals and 3-inch high heels.

8. Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer for Your Kid’d Shoes

If you have kids, you might not require too much wardrobe or closet space to keep that tiny footwear organized all the time. In this case, a simple hanging organizer will do the trick without taking up too much space.

9. Use a Tiny Ladder

Whether it be to store your toddler’s tiny shoes or your high heels, a tiny ladder can do the trick when it comes to organizing that footwear of yours. The best thing about a tiny ladder is that it takes up minimal space in your room, therefore utilizing any corner to its full potential.

10. Build a Shoe Storage Inside the Walls

If you want, you could also consider building an entire storage unit inside the walls, therefore saving up a lot of space and also creating room for your new Louboutin heels and casual white sneakers.

Creating space for your shoes is much easier if you live in a large house with many empty walls.

11. Install a Shoe Rack Inside the Walls

If a shoe storage unit is not your cup of tea, you might want to take a look at building a rack instead. Even more space-saving than an entire unit, a rack is slimmer and much lighter.

On top of that, the rack will be compartmentalized, therefore providing more room for your long boots.

12. Buy an Ottoman Built for Shoes

Did you know that you can store shoes inside an Ottoman as well? Well, you actually can, and it is a rather amazing way to keep your footwear organized, out of sight, yet within reach at the same time!

13. Buy a Wooden Bench with Enough Shoe Storage Underneath

Instead of getting small stools to add more texture to your empty rooms, you can opt for benches instead. These benches should also come with enough storage space underneath, where you can keep your casual shoes and boots.

The best part here is that you can even use the bench to sit on while putting the shoes on!

14. Use Baskets

If nothing else works, you can try going for the old tradition and simply invest in baskets to throw your footwear in. Set these baskets up in any corner of the room, and you’ll be good to go!

15. DIY wall mount bins

If you want to go for the basket or bin route, but without placing them in the corners on the floor, you can actually invest in DIY wall mount bins instead.

Albeit slightly smaller than your usual baskets and bins, wall-mountable ones are just as sturdy and efficient.

16. Use a Wall Hanger

You can use a wall hanger to hang those high heels or fancy shoes from the wall, especially if you lack adequate space on the floors.

17.  Arrange Some Crates in that Little Corner

Another way to create space in your small room and store your shoes is by investing in small crates. These can be any fruit crates that you got from the flea market or even expensive ones.

18. Go for the V-Shaped Shelves

V-shaped shelves are great as they easily slide into any corner of the room, therefore allowing an abundance of space, while also keeping your shoes and sandals organized.

Throw in a plant or two to make things look fancier and well-put.

19. Make a Peg Board

A pegboard is great if you lack space in your room or closet. You can easily install shelves and little mesh baskets to hold your favorite items and shoes.

20. Use PVC Pipes for Shoe Storage

PVC pipes are amazing for holding and keeping shoes organized, mainly due to their large size and width.

21. Invest in Sole Stacks

Sole Stacks are the way to go if you have way too many shoes, but not enough space in your rack or storage units. These allow you to keep at least 3 pairs of shoes in one place, without adding too much clutter to the room.

22. Keep Your Boots Out of the House

Another easy way to keep your casuals, fancy heels, and boots separated is to literally keep the boots out of the house. You do have to first make sure that you have adequate space and security on your porch or backyard though.

23. Invest in a Revolving Shoe Rack

A revolving shoe rack is great, as it is slim enough to fit into any corner, while also being easy to reach into when you are in a hurry.

24. Build a Copper Shoe Rack

We know just how annoying it can be to have shoe racks that start to rust prematurely. In this case, a copper shoe rack is the way to go, as it is strong enough to withstand external damage while also not becoming prone to premature corrosion.

25. Make a Wooden Shoe Rack

Another material ideal for making a shoe rack is wood, and we cannot stress enough how efficient a wooden shoe rack can be if you take good care of it!

27. DIY Magazine Holders as Shoe Holders

Have extra magazine holders that you don’t know what to do with? Why not use them as DIY shoe holders for those slim flip flops of yours! They don’t take up much space and also last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store shoes?

The best ways to store shoes is by installing storage units inside the walls or building shelves in the corner of the room.

Is it better to keep shoes in boxes or out?

It is much better to keep your shoes in boxes, as it keeps them organized and in order.

Where should shoes be stored in the house?

Shoes can and should be stored in boxes, inside the closet, or under the bed in a house.

How do you store shoes in a small space?

From compartmentalizing in different storage units to even building copper shoe racks from scratch, there are many easy and simple ways to store shoes in a small house.

How do you store off-season shoes?

You should either pack them up in a box with enough mothballs or simply keep them in a well-lit place with enough ventilation.

Final Words

Storing your shoes isn’t hard work at all, but it can be made easier if you follow our given methods and ideas to save up more space in your small house!