34 Entryway Furniture Ideas: Make Authentic First Impression

Your home gives out a welcoming and soothing vibe when it has a nicely decorated entrance. You don’t need to spend a bucket load to make it all nice and cozy. We have come up with 34 awesome entryway furniture ideas for small spaces to add that homely comfortable touch to it.

Entryway furniture ideas

1. Create an Open Concept

The table also has ample space on top of it where you can put a vase with fresh flowers. The medallion pattern replicates a casual sense of styling that will add elegance to the entrance. It also has a drawer where you can keep some essentials to keep them handy when you’re heading out.

2. Efficient Entryway in a Swedish Apartment

Efficient Small Entryway

Swedish apartments are known for their sleek and stylish interior. Well, we have found just the right décor to keep the apartment lively and classy. Take a look at the Monarch Accent Table to create the perfect entrance space in a Swedish apartment.

It has tons of space to showcase decorative items. Also, there is a tiered shelf with an open concept design to place all your favorite things. It has a dark taupe color that will highly compliment light-toned walls.

3. Funky Entryway Chairs

As you enter through the door, it should be an experience. Not some boring mundane look that keeps you unbothered. A funky entryway chair will help you walk you through that experience and give your entryway the perfect lavish look.

This Christopher Knight Home entry chair has a dark teal color that will complement nude neutral wall colors and décor. It will add a splash of color and give an immediate vibrant feel as you enter through the door.

4. Boho Inspired Entryway with Midcentury Furniture

A boho-inspired entryway gives out a warm feeling and seems more inviting. You can nail that perfect boho midcentury look with this amazing Nathan James Ellipse Multipurpose Display Storage Unit. It has both cabinets and open spaces where you can show off your styling skills. You can put some photo frames and some houseplants to rock that boho-chic look. Along with the furniture, you can also statement wall hanging to bring out the ultimate bohemian in you.

5. Black and White Small Entryway

The contrast of black and white is an absolute classic design and it never goes out of style. Take a look at this amazing Signature Design by Ashley-Console Table that will take the beauty of your entryway to a new height.

You can pair up the furniture with some small paintings or decorative items of your choice. Try some wallpaper with geometric patterns to add more gradient to the design of the entryway.

6. Feature an Instrument

Music is the soul food that keeps many of us going. You can make a grand entrance by putting a piano at the entryway. You can also hang your guitar or any other instrument that you play. This will create a positive impression on the guest and help them to connect if they have similar interests.

7. Aesthetic Porcelain Tile Works

A beautiful porcelain tile will give out a fresh feeling and it’s always on the trend. You can choose different patterns to match the other décor of the house. Also, tiles are quite long-lasting so you don’t have to worry about it deteriorating their quality. Porcelain tiles also last longer which makes them a perfect fit for high traffic areas like the entrance.

8. Entryway Solutions for a Long Narrow Hallway

A narrow hallway is a tricky place to deal with and you should never make it congested with too much furniture or decorations. The trick is to create space for essentials with a minimalistic design. The ChooChoo Narrow Console Table for Entryway has a sleek outlook with ample space on top to create an elegant look.

You can showcase your favorite décor and eye-catching pieces to make a statement at the entryway. There are storage spaces both at the top and the bottom so that you can add some classic decorations as well.

9. Chic and Classy Small Entryway for a New York City Apartment

Well, this classic entryway design has been the talk of the town. Take inspiration from the design and add your own unique taste to it. Try to play with the colors to create a lively vibrant atmosphere.

You can incorporate the fun New York outlook with some metallic furniture. The Mecor Mirrored Console Table will add a nice sheen to your apartment. Pair it up with a bright-colored rug to accentuate the design and make it stand out.

10. Simple, Clean, and Rustic Entryway

You don’t always need heavy-duty accessories or furniture to jazz things up. You can juice things up in the entryway with some simple and clean designs. Putting up a bench is a great idea to keep it minimalistic and chic.

The Chairus PU Leather Upholstered Storage Entryway Bench has a super aesthetic design that will add an elegant touch to the entryway without being too overpowering. This one is an excellent choice if you want to avoid the accent tables.

11. Colorful Entryway Covered in Tile

A gloomy entrance will dull down the mood. Gone are the days for those boring tiles and it’s time to funk things up. You can mix and match or create a contrast with the floor tiles and the wall. This will create a groovy vibe and add a boho touch to the entrance.

Try to work with colorful tiles with different patterns and shapes. Take inspiration from different interior designs out there and don’t forget to add your personal taste to it.

12. Classic Entryway for a Super Stylish Home

What good would a stylish home be with a shabby entrance? You need to shake it up and give the entrance a grand makeover to match the rest of the house. The Pemberly Row 2 Piece Entryway Bench and Shelf Set come in luscious white color.

This bench and shelf set is highly convenient and has a sophisticated design to match different styles and décors. You can utilize the shelf to keep some books to add an aesthetic touch to the entrance. 

13. Try some DIY a Natural Wood Pegboard

You can give a beautiful look to the foyer with some DIY natural wood pegboards. Natural wood pegboards are loved for their light subtle appearance. You can create a shelf to showcase the interior designer in you.

This also gives you the opportunity to play with different ideas as this is a DIY project. Keep it minimalistic and chic to hold on to the natural color of the wood. Decorate it with some houseplants and books to create a warm atmosphere at the entrance.

14. Modern Farmhouse Entryway

Modern Farmhouse Style Entryway
Get The Piece Here

Renowned designer Amy Kalikow finds that modern interpretation is the perfect way to give the entryway a nice styling. The Walker Edison Furniture Modern Farmhouse Buffet Entryway is the perfect furniture for your farmhouse.

It has a midsize feature where you can place some decorative items and lamps to create a modern environment in the farmhouse. The natural color of the table will also bring a subtle elegance to the entrance.

15. A Modern Entryway that Inspires you to be Tidy

The trick to staying tidy yet stylish is to incorporate a design that enables you to make the most of the storage. The Roundhill Furniture Quality Solid Wood Shoe Bench with Storage will keep the entryway beautiful while providing ample space to stack your shoes.

You can utilize the top with some stylish pieces and place a mirror just above the bench to create a nice first impression on the guests.

16. Maximizing Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is a clever option when you have less space and you to make the most of it. Take a look at this amazingly practical set by Décor Therapy. The bench has a beautiful wooden construction with a white cream cushion that adds a soothing vibe to it.

It also includes a coat hanger that enables you to make the most of the vertical space at the entrance. This will come in super handy when you’re in a rush as you can just grab the coat from the hanger and go.

17. Ceiling Wallpaper at the Entryway

If you want to give the foyer a different chic look then go for the ceiling wallpaper. You can take inspiration from this beautiful décor by The Quiet Moose. They have created a beautiful balance with the black and white.

You can also mix and match the colors and create your own blend. Just make sure that the wallpaper complements the floor and the surroundings properly.

18. Entryway Hack for Growing Families

It’s always wiser to go for affordable design options when you have a growing family. The trick is to keep it highly functional and easily accessible for everyone in the family. You can try this cool hack by labeling each family member’s name on the coat rack.

A simple hack like this will help to keep things more organized and cute of course. You can also hang a shelf above the rack for extra storage.

19. Minimalist Entryway with Pops of Greenery

If you want to keep the entryway clutter and mess-free, going minimalistic is the way for you. Check out this amazing HOMFA Hanging Entryway Shelf where you can place your favorite houseplant to add a splash of freshness at the entrance.

The shelf is divided into three different sections. You can add a variety of plants to create a pop of greenery. It also has four coat hangers to make things super handy and convenient.

20. Simple Hack to Fake a Tile Floor in Your Entryway

You can give the entryway a grand look with a tiled floor without spending tons of money on it. Also, this hack is a lifesaver for those who are on rent and not allowed to renovate the house.

Peel and stick vinyl tile are the solution to your problem. Create your own faux floors with the peel and stick following some simple and quick steps.

21. Neutral Entryway with Natural Materials

The neutral look has its own charm and it will give the entryway a beautiful soothing vibe. If you want to keep it neutral with some natural elements then take a look at this beautiful Safavieh American Homes Collection Console Table. It comes in an astoundingly beautiful grey color that will enhance the elegance of the entryway. This will blend well with the nude-colored wall and give the entrance a proper neutral theme.

22. Practical Pieces at the Entrance for Small Apartment

Every inch is precious when you’re decorating a small apartment. You need to deal with it carefully and utilize the space with perfection. This Convenience Concepts Oxford Console Table is super affordable and practical at the same time.

You can use the upper portion to store the mails, keys, and other essentials. The bottom space can be used for keeping books, plants, or some decorative pieces. You can put a mirror above the table with matching or contrasting colors to give your small entrance a fancy look.

23. Play with Scale

small entryway ideas

To blend everything well, the key is to match everything in proportion with the size of the space. The general principle of a good design is to mix and match. You can keep a large statement piece to help it stand out in the room.

However, make sure that you don’t overdo it as that will make it look disproportionate and ruin the entire decoration plan. Keep the size of the entrance and the ceiling height in mind before you start decorating it.

24. Embrace Fashion and Function

What’s the point of putting a fashionable item that has no practical value or function to it? You should opt for furniture that will keep it classy and highly functional as well. This amazing Storage Cabinet by Bush Furniture is super chic and functional. You can store all the essentials that you need around the entrance while keeping things fashionable. The best part is, this baby is available in three different colors so that you can pick the one that matches the best with your other decorations. 

25. Step Outside the Ordinary

You don’t always need to follow the conventional way of styling and keep it ordinary. Jazz it up by infusing color and vibrance right at the entrance. While most of us are fans of cabinets and chairs, you can step out of the ordinary and bring a variance with your design.

Check out this awesome Deco 79 Metal and Wood Wheel Console that has an eccentric construction. This piece will surely stand out in the entrance and you can keep some decorative pieces on top as well.

26. Have a Seat

Imagine that heel strap struck at your feet and you’re struggling to get out. Having a seat around the entrance is a cozy and comfortable option. After a long tiring day, it sure feels good to have a seat right after entering the house.

The Walker Edison Entryway Shoe Storage Bench has a super comfortable construction with ample seating space. It has a soft cushion top to keep you cozy and warm as you take the seat.

27. Let the Details Speak for Themselves

A good design is its own advocate and it speaks for itself. The details in the design should express itself so that it seamlessly blends with the other décor while creating its own identity. The Nathan James Enloe Modern Storage has a modern design with a rustic fir wood finish that gives a nice elegant touch to it. This cabinet will go extremely well if you are planning for a nude or neutral-themed entrance.

28. Draw the Eyes Up

The perfect way of drawing the eyes up is by putting up a shelf. It’s highly convenient and cute at the same time. The Prepac Entryway Cubbie Shelf has a super chic look that will go well with nude neutral decoration. The shelf has spaces to keep the essentials and a coat hook so that you can just grab it and go. You can also put a matching table for a better storage facility.

29. Mix It Up

You can mix up the design by infusing both vintage and modern styles together. Create a balance with different styles and sizes of decorative items. You can also go for a sage or rustic statement rug to give it an aesthetic look. This will go well if you have darker elements around and help blend everything together nicely.

30. Give Your Best Friends a Warm Welcome

The entrance is the key place to give your guests a warm welcome and feel them invited. You can set up a console table and keep fresh flowers in there. Another great way to give your friend a warm welcome is to put a large portrait of your pet to greet the guests.

You can pick out a funny or goofy expression of your pet and create a big portrait of it. It will immediately create a fun atmosphere and give your friends a warm welcome.

31. Choose a Theme

Entryway With Floral Painting
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You sure put a lot of effort and thought while decorating your home. Well, choosing a theme will make your house feel like home. You can incorporate personal touch and ideas into the décor. Take ideas from different design centers or inspiration from prominent interior designers to pick a theme that best describes you.

Your personality and lifestyle preferences can be a part of the theme. For example, if you like music then place a small instrument at the entrance. If you like movies then put up a poster as that may help the guests to connect with you more.

32. Create Extra Storage

Storage spaces always come in handy at the entrance. You don’t have to struggle to hand your coat or keep the mails once you have the right furniture at the entrance. Check out this awesome Seaside Hall Tree by Crosley Furniture

It has a classic design to suit any décor. It has a practical design with a coat hanger and drawer to keep all the essentials near you. There are also two small compartments at the top that you can decorate with some houseplants or small souvenirs.

33. Add a Small Table

Putting up a table at the entrance may not be a feasible option if you have a small apartment. However, if you have ample space around the entrance then you can surely give this idea a go.

The Convenience Concepts Neptune Console Table has a minimalistic design. The glass top with golden frame complements each other very well. If you’re all for a simple chic design, this baby is the one for you.

34. Add Mirrors

If you’re all about that boho look with a hint of a modern touch, then add a mirror at the entrance. It will brighten up the entire entrance and give it a more vibrant look. The Better Bevel Frameless Round Mirror has a simple sophisticated design that will make itself the statement piece at the entrance. The best part is, it’s available in multiple different sizes. Choose the one that is most proportionate to the other decoration to keep everything blended together.

More Entryway Ideas For Small Spaces

Final Thoughts

The entryway of the home has its own specialty. It’s the perfect space to flex the inner designer in you and make it the show stopper of the house.

Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds and it’s especially harder when you have a small place to deal with. However, we have incorporated 20 entryway furniture ideas for small spaces to suit different tastes and styles.

We Hope will try these out and give your entrance a bang on decoration.

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