Vanity Ideas For Small Bedroom: (24 Awesome Ideas)

With a few tricks and hack, you can make that little bedroom into your own castle. All you need some styling and creative organization to nail it to the core. A vanity is a dream for many women and you can have it just as good despite the small bedroom size. Here are some great vanity ideas for small bedroom. 

Vanity Ideas For Small Bedroom
Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror

1. Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror

Vanity set with a flip-top mirror is a modern vanity that is perfect for studios or bachelor apartments. You can simply flip down the mirrored top when you’re not using the vanity so that you get yourself the perfect surface for books or a laptop. This is why a vanity with a flip-top mirror is known as the undetectable ninja of dressing spots.

Wooden Vanity Table

2. Wooden Vanity Table

The wooden vanity table blooms to reveal its beauty, just like a blossoming flower. These types of vanity tables usually include a hidden mirror and a spacious storage compartment.

Vanity Mirror Ideas

3. Vanity Mirror Ideas

A simple vanity mirror idea will be a perfect mini desk that fits in the non-spacious bedroom.  Also, the mini desk has the potential to be transformed into a makeup table or vanity. All you have to do to transform your mini desk into a vanity is just add a mirror.

Makeup Vanity Led Lighting Ideas

4. Makeup Vanity Led Lighting Ideas

Lights can really change a room into something magical. We have often seen celebrities or movie stars using a makeup vanity with led lighting. So, if you want Hollywood-style vanity, then light up the mirror because it will give your vanity that looks for next to nothing.

Black Makeup Vanities

5. Black Makeup Vanities

If you want something stylish, then black makeup vanities can be a standout choice. This type of dressing table generally comes in either a glossy or matte finish. You can check this link out.

Vanity Organizer Ideas

6. Vanity Organizer Ideas

It’s a common thing that women live in a house that is full of girly stuff. So, the lack of space could be an issue for them. You can look for the vanity organizer drawer that would help you to find enough space for all your makeup and beauty supplies.

Bedroom Vanity Ideas

7. Simple and Cozy Bedroom Vanity Ideas

If you have a simple and cozy bedroom, then you should go for a simple cute personalized vanity that will turn your small bedroom into a nicer, cozier space. You can also put LED light bulbs in your vanity to add a dramatic touch to your overall design.

DIY Vanity Ideas

8. DIY Vanity Ideas

You don’t need to put a dent in your wallet to have a dreamed vanity table. If you’re on a budget, then we would suggest you go to the nearest Antique store. There you will find a nice mirror, some photo frames, and an old chair that you can either upgrade or transform.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Vanity With Nightstands And Drawers

9. Vanity With Nightstands And Drawers

It’s natural for you to search for vanity ideas on the internet. There you’ll find tons of IKEA vanity ideas. One such idea is the vanity with nightstands and drawers. The best thing about this type of vanity is that you can use them both as a nightstand and a makeup vanity at the same time.

Kids Bedroom Vanity Ideas

10. Kids Bedroom Vanity Ideas

Kids bedroom vanity organization ideas would be something cute like pink animal patterns that will make everything more fabulous. You’ll find this type of vanity table available in zebra, leopard, and tropical designs. With this type of vanity, you’ll also get a stool, shatterproof mirror, lights, and a 3-piece accessory set. 

classic vanity design

11. Classic Vanity Design

A vanity with a lighted mirror is the dream setup for many beauty lovers out there. It’s a classic vanity design and you can nail it perfectly with some little effort. There are tons of vanity out there that you can take inspiration from and create the best version of it.

stylish vanity ideas

12. Makeup Vanity Snow White

This is one of our top favorite vanity ideas. White is such a soothing color and it brings out a positive vibe to the bedroom. Go for this if you’re looking for a subtle stylish vanity design.

vanity ideas for girls

13. Vanity Ideas For Girls

A cute vanity will light up the décor of the entire room. You can line the mirror with some fairy lights to give a cute bubbly look. You can go for a nude or light-colored rug with a matching pillow to nail the ultimate cute look.

Makeup Vanity For Small Spaces

14. DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas for Small Spaces

If you don’t want to spend a bucketload on the vanity then you can always go for the DIY option. With some slight modifications, you can make it just as fancy as a store-bought one. All you need is to find a nice mirror that is proportionate to your room and get a small console table to keep your makeup, nail polish and skincare items.

Nightstand Cum Vanity

15. Nightstand Vanity

Vanity with nightstand and drawer is an absolute classic and it goes well with all kinds of room décor. You can find many different ideas on the internet that you can take inspiration from. This nightstand vanity idea will come in super handy for your small bedroom.

vanity with large storage

16. Vanity With Multiple Drawer

Don’t you just hate it when all your makeups are cluttered together? Well, get a vanity drawer with multiple sections to divide your essentials like makeup brushes into different criteria. This will make it easier to find the right item even when you’re in a rush.

Nude Color Bedroom Vanity

17. Nude Color Vanity Ideas

Go for a small vanity with white or nude color as that will look super chic with all kinds of décor. Choose a vanity with small shelves and a mirror to make it classy and stylish. You can jazz it up with a contrasting rug to keep things simple and chic.

vanity accessories

18. Give a Makeover To Your Vanity

What good would the vanity be without some good lighting? Makeup artists recommended that you need proper light to do blend the makeup well and do it to perfection. Get some mirror lights on the vanity and you can also get a ring light to have the best light source in the vanity.

vintage vanity set

19. Vintage Vanity Organizer Ideas

You can give your vanity a rustic vintage look by incorporating some simple design ideas. Rather than going for a conventional black or white vanity, you can go for a wooden one to give it an antique vintage look.

Vanity ideas on a budget

20. Vanity Ideas For Small Bedrooms on A Budget

You don’t need to let go of your dream vanity idea just because you’re on a budget. You can create your own vanity at a super affordable price. Get a budget-friendly makeup mirror from Etsy and pair it up with a nice console table.

Stick With A Stylish Feel

21. Stick With A Stylish Feel

Add a nice rug to give the vanity a nice classic look. Don’t overexaggerate the space by adding too many details. Go for a simple design vanity to keep things classy and stylish.  You can go for a plain white vanity with a nude background to rock that stylish feel.

An Interesting Twist for Your Makeup Vanity

22. An Interesting Twist for Your Makeup Vanity

Add some twist to the vanity with some small statement pieces. LED letter lights are quite in the trend right now. You can recycle some tin cans as storage containers. Pick a glass-bodies lamp with a gold-framed mirror to add a rich and interesting touch.

Foldable vanity ideas

23. Foldable But Sleek DIY Makeup Vanity

A foldable vanity is a lifesaver if you have a small bedroom. This will help you save space and keep things tidy as well. You can take inspiration and ideas from different designs and create your own rendition of them. Make a foldable mirror so that you can use that space when you’re not using the vanity.

Dresser Cum Vanity

24. Dress Up Your Existing Dresser

Your existing dresser can be glammed up to make your dream one. You can bring some changes in the spaces and create more dividers in the drawer to keep the makeup and skincare items more organized. Just install some light and a little modification, your existing dresser will be turned into the dream vanity in no time.

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Should I Get Adjustable Lights For The Vanity?

The adjustable lights allow you to choose the brightness level to match the working environment.

Where Should I Place The Vanity?

Natural light is very important when you’re doing your hair and makeup. You should place the vanity in an area where the natural light could easily pass. This will help you blend the makeup properly and create a flawless look.

I Have a Low Budget. What Should I Do?

You can have your dream vanity set up even if you have a low budget. Just go through the article and we have some awesome ideas to help the people who have a tight budget.

Should I Get A Matching Rug And Decorative Items?

You need to keep the vanity clutter-free. Including too many decorative items will create a mess. Go for a small statement piece and leave the rest as it is. You can place a rug on the floor as that will complement the vanity very well.

Final Words

A vanity is a dream for many makeup lovers out there. You can create your long-cherished vanity even if you have a small one. We have come up with these vanity ideas for small bedrooms to give a hand through the process. Do give some of these a try to glam up the room and yourself.

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