Top 5 Alera Elusion Review: A Great Office Chair Series

Finding the right office chair can be pretty daunting. Some chairs tend to be a bit too comfortable for an office, while others are way too rough and uncomfortable to be even considered for a purchase. Is there no in-between?

Of course, there is! The Alera Elusion series of office chairs are just the kind of chairs you would want to see in your office. And that too for the right reasons. Are you interested in knowing more about these chairs? Then check out this Alera Elusion Review and read it till the end.

Here we will be talking about how each of the chairs from the brand is amazing and why you should purchase them. We will also review individual products from the brand to tell you to decide which kind of chairs you want in your office. So without wasting time, let’s jump into the article!

Alera Elusion Review

Best Office Chair Review of 2021

To save you some guess work, we decided to review our top picks on the best chairs in 2021 manufactured by Alera. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these reviews!

1) Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair

Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair

For the first chair by Alera, we have the High-Back Multifunction mesh chair. This alera elusion series mesh chair features an extremely cool mesh back and an arm height of 6¾ inch to 9¼ inch from the seat (adjustable) and free floating or infinite locking positions. It also has a back support of 24 inches in height.

The seat cushion is contoured with premium fabric upholstery and waterfall seat edge. This chair features multifunction reclining mechanism for lots of adjustment. You might consider this one as the perfect chair for your office.

What I Like

  • Cool and breathable.
  • Highly adjustable and well built chair.
  • Comfortable seat cushion.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Assembly may be confusing

2) Alera EL42BME10B Elusion Series Mesh Chair

Alera EL42BME10B Elusion Series Mesh Chair

Next up, we have the EL42BME10B chair by Alera. This one is a mid-back option, so people with a shorter height can sit comfortably on this Alera elusion series mesh chair. The cool and breathable mesh chair’s backrest surely provides adequate support and low heating.

The height and width can be adjustable using the knobs and levers for the chair’s stand and armrests. This new office chair also features a contoured seat cushion with a waterfall edge. This model is certainly a great choice for offices.

What I Like

  • Lots of adjustability options on height and width
  • Low heating on the back
  • Comfortable cushion on the seat
  • Great for short and average height people due to its height adjustment feature.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Not for tall people
  • No seat glide option.

3) ALEEL4215 – Best Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

Best Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

For the third product from this brand, we have the ALEEL4215 model. This one is also a mid-back option. Unlike the previous one, this one features the seat slide option, which makes it a better option for sure!

You can adjust the height, the tilt lock, and the adjustable armrests on this chair and sit as comfortably as you need. The waterfall edges on this chair help to relieve pressure on your legs. Check out this chair for your office now!

What I Like

  • Great choice for short and average height people
  • Comes with seat glide option
  • Height, width and tilt adjustable.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Not for tall people
  • Not so durable.

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4) Alera Elusion II Series Mesh Mid-Back Chair

Alera Elusion II Series Mesh Mid-Back Chair

If you thought the Alera Elusion series was good, wait till you know of the Alera Elusion II series! The Mesh Mid-Back option of the Elusion II series is very similar to the rest of the chair models but better.

This one features an even more breathable mesh back alone with a comfortable seat cushion with waterfall edges. This chair supports your back to help maintain proper posture in the office. On top of that, it is equally adjustable and flexible as the other ones. So definitely check it out!

What I Like

  • Highly breathable
  • Very comfortable
  • Helps maintain posture
  • Pretty adjustable.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Difficult to assemble
  • Confusing adjustment options.

5) Alera Elusion II Series Mesh Mid-Back Synchro with Seat Slide Chair

Alera Elusion II Series Mesh Mid-Back Synchro with Seat Slide Chair

And for the last on this list of Alera Elusion Series Reviews, we have another model from the Elusion II series. This one is practically the same as the previous one, but with the seat slide option.

You get all features you get in the regular elusion II chair, but also the ability to glide your seat back and forth whenever needed. This is a useful feature in an office, so we highly recommend this chair!

What I Like

  • Highly comfortable
  • Adjustable height, armrest and tilt
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Seat gliding feature.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Not so easy to assemble
  • The back angle adjustment relative options are confusing.

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Adjustments Can Take Time, But It Is Comfortable

Features Alera Elusion series

The most notable feature of the Alera Elusion series chairs is that they all come with a large number of adjustment options. Honestly speaking these angle adjustment relative options can be pretty confusing and overwhelming at times. You can almost get lost in all the knobs and levers that you will see in the other chairs.

These knobs and levers allow you to adjust the chairs to any height and the tilt tension lock helps you to adjust in any position you may require. On top of that, you can also adjust the armrests. You are able to move the adjustable armrests up and down as well as move them horizontally forward or backward. How cool is that!

These adjustments can be locked into position once you’ve decided how you want to set the chair up. Once you are done, you can sit comfortably in the chair.

Comfort and Design: Great Once You Get The Chair Adjusted

As we mentioned, the adjustments can be quite confusing and tiring. It takes some time to getting used to it and adjusting the chair according your needs. But once you are done with adjusting it, it’s pretty much smooth sailing from then onwards.

The chairs are incredibly comfortable and provide the utmost arch support for your back. The Alera Elusion series chairs are meant to be highly adjustable tilt and incredibly comfortable. So, once adjusted, you can enjoy sitting on these chairs with no difficulty whatsoever.

Adjustability: Some Tweaks Are Easier Than Others

As previously mentioned, the adjustments are a bit tricky. However, not all the settings are equally tricky. Some are easier than others and in all the right ways. Some adjustable knobs take longer and more effort to do their job, while there are others that get adjusted with a simple press of a button.

The tilting option can be done pretty easily and requires very less amounts of effort. The chairs also feature a seat glide mechanism which lets you glide your office seat back and forth allowing you to get closer to your office table when you need to focus just a bit more, without actually moving the chair entirely.

Price: Great When It’s On Sale

The Alera Elusion Series has a market price of $375 but you won’t have to pay all that much unless you want to purchase it directly from the manufacturer’s website. Most online stores and marketplaces such as Amazon or Walmart sell these chairs for a price within the range of $125 to $150.

At that rate, you would be getting an incredible deal on these chairs and saving almost 60% of the actual price. We say it is definitely a win to purchase the chairs from Amazon or any other such site.

Competition: Options For Every Need And Aesthetic

The Amazon Basics Mid-Back Desk chairs and the Langley Street Sweetwater Task chairs are very close competitions, but these lack the adjustability and ergonomics that the Alera Elusion chairs offer. While those are slightly cheaper alternatives, the Elusion chairs are certainly worth the money.

Alera Elusion Assembly

Alera Elusion Assembly

The Alera Elusion Series chairs require assembly and do not come pre-assembled. The parts come separately and you need to assemble them yourself. While that sounds like a pain in the butt, it’s rather easy to assemble the chairs. The package includes instructions on how to assemble these chairs, which is pretty comprehensive.

Overall Thoughts on the Alera Elusion Series High-Back and Mid-Back Office Chairs

The Alera Elusion series chairs are without a doubt the best chair options for offices. From looking at all the alera elusion features, we can come to a conclusion that these would be the perfect choice to add comfort while also boosting productivity in the office. How do you ask? Well, let us explain that below.

Multifunction Adjustable Capabilities

These chairs offer a wide range of adjustability options as we previously mentioned. This multifunction adjustable tilt capability makes these chairs all the more amusing.

You surely want to adapt to the office setting, the height of the desks, and the position you need to be sitting in. And these adjustment modes offer that ability.

Light, Breathable and Durable Mesh Material

Both the Mid-Back and the High-Back chairs come with a durable and super-breathable mesh material. Mesh chairs hold somewhat of a reputation of feeling low quality, however, that is further from the truth with these from Alera.

While leather does look nicer and is usually softer, mesh offers a cooler experience when sitting. You don’t want to sit in a leather chair all day and sweat like a hobo.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design Office Chair

The mid-back version includes all of the above-mentioned adjustable features, which makes it easier to sit regardless of the body size. On top of that, this ergonomic chair comes with a built-in lumbar back support system that adapts to the natural curvature of your backbone. This helps maintain good posture while sitting.

The high back version, on the other hand, offers more upper-body support at the top of your backbone and your neck. This, along with the built-in lumbar support, provides a sitting experience that is more appropriate for long periods of time.

Specs and Dimensions

Mid-Back Specs
Seat Depth: 21 inches (max)
Width: 24-25 5/8 inches
Seat Height: 20 1/8 – 22 7/8
Chair Weight: 56.2 Ibs
Weight Capacity: 250 Ibs
High-Back Specs
Seat Depth: 21 inches (max)
Width: 24-25 5/8 inches
Seat Height: 23-5/8 – 24 inches
Chair Weight: 56.2 Ibs
Alera Elusion High Back Weight Capacity: 250 Ibs

To summarize the features of these chairs, here is a brief specifications list of both the mid-back chairs and the high-back chairs.

Our Analysis And Test Results

So, according to our analysis, these chairs are pretty suitable for any office. As we said before, the mesh back chairs offer lots of cooling and comfort, while the highly adjustable knobs and levers offer lots of control in positioning of the seat.
The chairs are pretty high quality as opposed to the stigma around mesh chairs. And we recommended these for any office.

How to Select the Right Home Office Chair

To help you find the perfect office chair, we have prepared a little buying guide for you. 


The chair you get must offer enough comfort to not let your back or neck hurt, while also maintaining your posture to induce productivity. It should provide just the right amount of comfort.


Being able to adjust the height, armrests, forward tilt and everything else on your chair can be pretty convenient. Check if the chair you’re buying offers enough adjustability.


You don’t want a chair that’s going to last you only a few months. Your chair should last you properly for at least 4-5 years without having any issues. That’s how you know you got a durable chair.

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Ease of Assembly

Chairs that are hard to assemble can also be the ones that end up being poorly assembled. Check if the chairs come pre-assembled or if the assembly instructions are easy.


1. Are mesh chairs good for offices?

Yes, mesh chairs are a great choice for offices, as they are comfortable and breathable.

2. Should I choose Leather or Mesh chairs for my office?

We recommend going for mesh chairs, as they are more breathable and offer more cooling than leather chairs.

3. How do I assemble my Alera Elusion chair?

The assembling guidelines are given in the instruction manual that each chair comes with. You can follow that and easily install your chair.

4. How do I select the right office chair?

You can try taking a look at our buying guide above, which can help you select the right chair.

5. Do mesh chairs help with posture?

Yes, mesh chairs help with posture by contouring to the natural curvature of your spine.

Final Words

In conclusion, we can say that Alera Elusion is certainly a great choice for an office chair. We hope this Alera Elusion Review was informative enough to convince you to make the purchase for your office.

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