Best Balcony Furniture Ideas: Furnishing & Maintenance Tips

Best Balcony Furniture Ideas

Summer is right around the corner, so it’s the best time to transform your precious outdoor space into a proper hangout zone. Nope, just dragging a lawn chair won’t cut it!

This article will give you some of the best balcony furniture ideas that will give your balcony an instant makeover. The right furnishing approach can make your space special, regardless of its size.

How To Furnish A Balcony?

How To Furnish A Balcony

To furnish a balcony, you will have to keep in mind that the material needs to be weather resistant. Also, the pieces need to add sufficient decorative value to the space. 

Longevity, coziness, and appearance are all important considerations when shopping for outdoor furniture pieces, just as they are when shopping for indoor ones. Besides these common desirable attributes, you also need to remember that balcony furniture items will be exposed to the outside atmosphere. So, they need to be resilient to natural adversities.

Eucalyptus, cedar, resin wicker, wrought iron, aluminum are some of the best options for balcony furniture. These materials show increased resistance to moisture, mildew, rust, and wind and sun exposure. You can find some stylish furniture pieces made out of these elements that go in tandem with the best balcony furniture ideas.

How to create the best balcony layout? Let’s toss around some ideas.

Think Vertically

Is it possible to fit some essential furniture items in a small space without making it look like an overstuffed storage room? Of course, there is! The balcony plants can be stacked and arranged in a vertical garden rather than laid out on the ground in individual pots. Space-saving options like nesting tables and hanging planters are also available.

Even if you are lucky to have an oversized balcony, freeing up floor space would make it look more elegant. So, vertical furniture layouts are great for all balcony settings. You can hang a hammock to add a whole new dimension to your seating arrangements. Windchimes, string lights, chandeliers, bird feeders, there is so much you can play with.

Find Grandeur In Minimalism

Find Grandeur In Minimalism

Opting for a simple table and a chair balcony setup with a few planters laid around might come off as quite dull, but choosing the right items can make this simplistic layout a truly majestic one.

Minimalism is more than a thing these days, it’s a buzz. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with a minimalist balcony arrangement.

Create Your Very Own Café 

We all love sipping a cup of coffee in cafes every once in a while. Why not recreate that feeling on your balcony? Going for café seating can be a sensible strategy for balconies with limited space. Café tables and chairs are small-sized and cozy.

Add some lighting and a handful of flower pots. Voila! You now have a café of your own!

Impose A Delicate Mediterranean Setting

Bring the vibrant and charming aesthetics of the Mediterranean with light color schemes and natural elements. Roll a plush rug on the floor, put some cushiony chairs, and complement the look with an assortment of plants. That’s all you need to add a South Eastern vibe to your balcony.

Build A Cozy Outdoor Lounge

When it comes to furnishing our living rooms and lounge, we don’t hesitate to spend big on deluxe pieces. We don’t usually intend to spend that much on balcony furniture, but spending the extra buck is well worth the investment, considering the premium level of comfort it brings to the space.

If you are not on a tight budget, go for soft, plushy furnishings. They’re great for lounging around, working for long periods, and many more.

Weather is a significant concern, but you can make it work if you don’t mind the regular maintenance. You can experiment with multiple colors and elements during upholstering.

Pastel Shades Go So Well With Balcony Furniture

Have you ever wanted to experiment with colors that defy convention?

Brighten your home’s balcony by painting the chairs and tables, huge pots, and the boundary walls in color-coordinated peach, beige, or icy blue schemes that are easy on the eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, color is calming, and this is especially true in a space where you will devote a sizable chunk of your leisure.

Get Exotic With Rattan Furniture

Get Exotic With Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture has quickly grown into an outdoor decor trend, and you can see rattans popping up in more and more patios, balconies, and gardens in recent times.

Rattan embodies elegance in its appearance as well as in its construction. Intricate yet subtle, the material can make any room, not only balconies, look sumptuous.

Many of the best balcony furniture ideas revolve around rattan pieces for their aesthetic appeal. Although woven rattan has been around for a long time, it is instantly recognizable, refined, and timeless.

They may take up a lot of room on balconies, but they blend in so well with the setting that you will not get a cluttered feeling. You’ll feel like you could spend all day on your balcony if you add some greenery to the mix.

Throw In A Bit Of Nordic Nuance  

The balcony is an indispensable part of urban Scandinavian architecture. If you have been to that part of the world, you would have seen that almost every apartment there has a spacious balcony.

Scandinavians put a great deal of effort into making their balconies stand out from the rest. So, why not try taking a page out of their book while decorating your outdoor space?

The Nordic styling guide prescribes neutral shades of gray, white lanterns on the floor and tables, and soft, warm carpets for creating a soothing atmosphere in the balcony. It’s the perfect blend of elegance and functionalism.

Why Not Try Something Whimsical?

You can go for some funky balcony pieces like satellite dish-shaped or oval chairs instead of the standard round or square ones to sprinkle a bit of variation. A dash of eccentricity can do wonders in elevating your space, but you should never forget about practicality. Don’t go for anything that makes the balcony appear congested or that doesn’t feel comfortable.

How Do You Make A Small Balcony Look Better?

How Do You Make A Small Balcony Look Better

You can make a small balcony look better by implementing the best balcony furniture ideas. These would help you free up space and make the most of the scarce floor real estate in style.

Having a small balcony is no excuse to leave it as a graveyard of petunias. In our urban landscape, not all of us have the luxury of having a balcony. If you have one, utilize it properly regardless of its size. Here are some recommendations that can make tiny balconies look substantially better.

Green Is Gorgeous

Green Is Gorgeous

The easiest way to immediately impact your balcony décor is to introduce a lot of greens. Covering your balcony with seasonal flowers and greenery is inexpensive, but it works wonders transforming your balcony into a slice of lovely outdoor heaven. The sight of greenery is exceptionally soothing, especially in the backdrop of a concrete jungle.

Railing planters are the best option for small balcony gardens as they require zero use of floor space. Roses, daisies, petunias, marigolds, and snapdragons are the most common choices for railing planters. Any trailing plants will look gorgeous in a railing planter. It’s also possible to grow vegetables like carrots, radishes, and lettuce like this.

Creating a tiny garden on your balcony is a great way to relax and unwind. Furthermore, the possibilities are virtually limitless when pursuing balcony gardening, all of which are dependent on your taste and preferences.

Revamp The Flooring

The best way to personalize the balcony is to redo the flooring to your liking. You will be surprised to see how effective it is to liven up a lifeless, plain surface by installing a set of interlocking deck tiles. This is not a costly procedure, and it goes on top of the existing flooring rather than replacing it, so it’s suitable for rental properties too.

The benefit of having a modest-sized balcony is that flooring remodeling costs are pretty low since there is less area to cover. So, you can afford to go for premium flooring material instead of settling for concrete.

Wooden balcony floors appear quite stylish as well. When compared to a balcony with concrete flooring, this will instantly add a sense of coziness and warmth. Moreover, it will provide charm to your balcony. Therefore, if you’re seeking a new way to decorate, this is a great option to mull over.

Looking for a more flexible flooring upgrade? Invest in some fancy rugs. In doing so, you can easily disguise the lackluster balcony flooring you currently have with a layer of charismatic textures.

Install Privacy Screens

Install Privacy Screens

Without a sense of privacy, you will never be able to enjoy some alone time on your balcony. In that case, not even the best balcony furniture ideas will deliver a pleasant experience in your outdoor space. So, install privacy screens on your balcony to seclude yourself from prying eyes and the harshness of the scorching summer sun.

Besides serving their primary purpose of providing privacy, these screens can add ornamental value to your balcony. It doesn’t have to be as dull as a simple draped cloth.

Rolled bamboo screens are a popular pick for balcony privacy screens. They are functional, good-looking, and are available at bargain-basement prices. How can you not fall in love with these things? However, we will not recommend these if you live in an area that experiences plenty of snow and rainfall.

Alternatively, you can just create a barrier with some tall plants in your balcony garden. This is an excellent strategy to deploy to carve out some much-needed seclusion and adorn your balcony all at once.

Another gardening hack can serve as a privacy screen for the balcony. Place a lattice divider on the balcony and put some planters with trailing plants like English ivy and Swiss cheese plant in front of it. The plants will climb up the structure over time and provide sufficient coverage.

Outdoor curtains also deserve a place in this conversation. You can open and close them per your needs. In addition, they offer a dash of sophistication to your balcony. Before purchasing balcony curtains, make sure they can live up to the challenge Mother Nature will be throwing at them.

Let There Be Light

If you want to enjoy your balcony at night, don’t forget to install some great lighting. It’s a surprisingly fruitful measure to bring some warmth and tranquility to your modest balcony. You would be fascinated to see the magnitude of difference lights can make in a nighttime balcony environment!

You can make the best balcony furniture ideas even better by pairing the furniture pieces with the perfect light setting. Illumination is a fantastic tool to exploit for imposing your desired mood in a specific space.

You can utilize theme lights to light up your balcony. Modern wall lamps can also be a great detail to add. Decorate the balcony ceiling with string lights to create a fiery replication of starry nights.

What Every Balcony Needs?

What Every Balcony Needs

A balcony needs a cozy seating arrangement, plush flooring, privacy, plants for a touch of nature, and sufficient lighting.

Seating Arrangement

There is no better place than your balcony to seek momentary respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life. But, you will be deprived of this divine feeling if your balcony lacks a decent seating arrangement.

You must get the proper kind of furniture that can blend in with the surroundings.

Beautiful Flooring

Apartment owners often overlook the flooring while planning a balcony overhaul. The primary focus remains on seating and decorative details. While those attributes are important, you can make your balcony an even more beautiful and comfy space by attending to the flooring. It’s a cost-effective approach for smaller balconies, but it yields incredible returns.

Slippery tiles on a balcony are a recipe for disaster, especially if you have elderly or young family members living in the house. In addition to having visual appeal, balcony flooring must be able to tolerate seasonal changes in weather conditions.

You can install wooden floor panels or deck tiles to make the flooring appear posher. If you don’t want to go through all that trouble, buy some good rugs. They won’t come cheap, but they won’t break the bank. Considering the comfort they will bring to the balcony, rugs will be a welcome addition.

The balcony is a sacred spot where you should be able to loosen up without worrying about your surroundings. We are pretty sure you wouldn’t want your next-door neighbors looking at you as you relax. So, a balcony needs to have a privacy screen to save you from the discomfort of being watched.


Human beings are a creation of nature, and all of us crave its proximity. A balcony garden allows us to stay close to nature within the confines of city walls. So, you can’t omit plants from the balcony essentials list.


The ambiance of the balcony vastly depends on the lighting. Go for mild, non-glare-inducing lighting that feels befitting whether you read a book or listen to a podcast. Spending time on the balcony at dusk is considerably more enjoyable in presence of adequate lighting.

Must Have Furniture For Apartment Balcony

Must Have Furniture For Apartment Balcony

What furniture items are essential for delivering the quintessential balcony experience? The balcony layout can be as simple as a table and a chair. If floor space is at a premium, there’s no need to squeeze in more furniture.

As we explained above, we think the centerpiece of a balcony décor should be the seating arrangement. If you can manage space to accommodate larger seats, go for it. Folding tables and chairs can be a great choice since you can collapse them to a smaller size when you are not using them.

Hanging a swing can be an avant-garde seating solution. If you can make room for it, a sun lounger can be a great pick for the space as well.

One of the best balcony furniture ideas is to have no balcony furniture whatsoever! Lay down a thick, soft area rug and throw in some pillows. That’s all you need to create a super cozy hangout zone where you can chill out with your guests enjoying the great outdoor weather.

Final Say

A balcony shoots up the value of a housing property substantially. Since you are reading this article, we will assume you are one of the lucky ones who do have a balcony in their houses. That said, many of us let our balconies go to waste, lacking proper guidelines to decorate them.

We attempted to remedy that situation with our best balcony furniture ideas. No balcony deserves to be left in desolation.

Keep it functional, keep it uncluttered. Avoid overstuffing the space and only go for the right furniture that complements the view and layout. Sort out the lighting and introduce some greenery to complete a gorgeous balcony setup.