Microfiber vs Velvet Couch: Which One Should You Choose?

Microfiber vs Velvet Couch

Fiber is one of the many considerations you should take into account when shopping for a new couch. Once you browse through a catalog of options, you will find that every material has something unique to offer.

So, which one should you opt for? In today’s article, we will discuss microfiber vs velvet couch features and help you pick one over the other.

Why Choose Microfiber Couches?

Why Choose Microfiber Couches?

You should choose microfiber couches because of their colorfast nature and pet-friendliness.

Since it was invented back in the ‘70s, microfiber has been a popular pick for upholstery. This ultra-thin, one-hundred percent polyester filament-based fabric is exceptionally plush and remarkably resilient.

The filaments facilitate a host of valuable attributes, making microfiber a great material to cover your sofa and other pieces of furniture.

The Color Won’t Fade Easy

Microfiber can retain its original color withstanding years of usage. Unfortunately, this can’t be said for all upholstery fabrics, as many users complain that their sofas fade sooner than expected. You won’t find many better alternatives than microfiber when it comes to color retention.

The colorfast qualities of microfiber have encouraged manufacturers to experiment with a host of non-traditional shades. If you choose to go for offbeat colors like ivory, teal, and poppy red, microfiber is your best bet.

Even if you place the couch under direct or uneven sunlight or expose it to varying temperature levels, microfiber colors are resistant to fading.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

A microfiber sofa is easy to maintain. Microfiber couches are ideal for families with children or pets or those who often spill food and drinks on their seats while watching TV. Microfiber does not stain easily, but to keep the couch 100% spot-free, attend to spills as soon as you can. A wet cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner are all you need to get rid of unwanted marks on your sofa.

Less Prone To Staining

Microfiber upholstery fabric may be especially appealing to families with children and pets since it’s less likely to catch stains. Because it’s thinner than human hair and silk, it’s difficult for stains to spread across microfiber surfaces.

The non-porous structure of the material also makes it incredibly resilient to water, soda, coffee, and any other forms of liquid.

Cat Friendly

Cat Friendly

Cats love scratching stuff, and often they use the couch as their scratching post, much to the owners’ dismay. We will take a wild guess and assume you won’t like claw marks on your new sofa. Getting microfiber upholstery would convince your feline friend to look for something else to scratch on.

As we mentioned above, microfiber is tightly knit, which gives it high resistance to stains. It also makes the couch cat-proof since cats don’t like the feeling of scratching such a firm surface. So, if you are a cat owner, we would advise you to buy a microfiber couch.


Do you want your couch to have an exquisitely soft texture? Then, choosing microfiber is the right decision. It has a soft and silky feel that resembles velvet. If you compare microfiber vs velvet couch, velvet might feel a bit smoother, but the difference is minimal. Microfiber has a plush feel that leaves a comforting sensation on our skins.

Microfiber Couch Cons

  • Microfiber is a synthetic derived from petroleum. So, it’s not an eco-friendly material to choose.
  •  Even though not many users would notice, microfiber can develop static and cling to your clothes.
  • Catches a lot of dust. So, regular cleaning is necessary.

Why Choose Velvet Couches?

Why Choose Velvet Couches?

You can choose velvet couches because they are comfortable, elegant, and complement almost any interior décor arrangement.

Velvet has a sleek, contemporary appearance that adds a touch of comfort and glamor to your living space. A velvet sofa is ideal for cozy evenings with friends and family because it is soft and long-lasting. It is a timeless piece of furniture that feels sophisticated in all indoor settings.

The Comfort Is Unmatched

Velvet sofas are all the rage these days, and it’s not only because they look incredibly spectacular. These sofas are very comfortable since velvet has a satiny feel to it. Velvet will feel cozier in winter since it can trap heat and keep you warm. Polyester velvets can be comfortable in all seasons.

Velvet Is Gorgeous

Velvet Is Gorgeous

Velvet can elevate the look of any room with its rich colors and unique capacity to bounce off light. For this reason, a velvet sofa is just what the doctor ordered to upgrade the appearance of your living room, regardless of its size and style. Velvet’s standout glamor has a distinctive appeal that guarantees to make a difference.

It’s More Durable Than You Think

The popular myth is that velvet is too delicate and can’t live through years of daily use. But, the truth is, velvet is exceptionally durable and has no raised loops weaving, or threads, making it less likely to catch your body and cause accidental tears. Some velvet types come with a durability rating of more than 200,000 rubs.

Suitable For Any Space

Another perk of buying a velvet couch is that you can effortlessly fit it into your living room without worrying whether or not it will go with the rest of the décor. Velvet couches blend into any interior styling and grab the focus of attention in any room.

The versatility of velvet couches makes them ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

Velvet Couch Cons

  • Pet owners should avoid velvet sofas. They attract a lot of pet hair, and once hair strands get stuck in the fabric, it’s difficult to pull those out.
  •  Velvet couches are more expensive than microfiber couches.
  •  Velvet might not feel as comfortable in summer as in winter.

Final Thoughts

There is no conclusive winner in the microfiber vs velvet couch debate since each has individual sets of pros and cons. You have to single out the type that comes with the characteristics that feel more appealing to you.