Small Space Dining Table Ideas: How To Choose And Style

Small Space Dining Table Ideas

Space constraints don’t enable all of us to have a lavish banquet dining table in our houses, but you don’t need a king-sized table to make your dining space feel special. If you do a bit of digging, you will find many small space dining table ideas that can add functionality and glamor to your interiors.

We will highlight some of those in this article.

How To Choose The Best Dining Tables For Small Spaces?

How To Choose The Best Dining Tables For Small Spaces?

To choose the best dining tables for small spaces, you have to look at tables that offer sufficient surface space without taking up much of the floor area. Collapsible tables can be excellent picks for fulfilling this criterion.

Here are the factors you need to consider before picking up a dining table for a small space:

It Has To Fit In

Since the headline reads “Small Space Dining Table Ideas,” it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that size is the number one priority here. The table you are about to buy has to fit into the compact space you have. Determine the room’s measurements carefully and omit about 100 centimeters from each dimension.

Why waste space when it’s at a premium? You can’t let the table consume the entire floor space because it will create a cramped atmosphere. So, it would be wise if you leave at least 80/90 centimeters all around the dining table to make yourself and your guests feel more welcoming.

Determine The Shape

After you finalize the size, you will have to pick the table shape that goes with your room. No steadfast rules dictate the best shape-space combo, but square and round tables generally suit similarly shaped rooms.

But, they usually appear misplaced in rectangular rooms. Rectangular and oval tables are the best fits for such settings.

Pick Tabletop Material As Per Your Use

How you plan on using the table will also influence your buying decision. Will you regularly dine on it with your family members? Or, will it be reserved for special occasions like weekend parties with friends or holiday meals with the family?

Perhaps the best option for you is a collapsible design that saves room when not in use. We recommend a highly durable tabletop material if your table gets a lot of daily use. Ceramic, wood, and tempered glass are the best options as each of these materials shows high resilience to heat and scratches.

You can also go for veneer as your tabletop protection but recognizing authentic wooden veneer might be a bit tricky. Some people have this misconception that thick veneers last longer. But, it’s the thinner ones you should buy since those are less susceptible to wear and tear over time.

If you are more used to eating your meals in front of your TV or computer and only be using the table when you have company, you can make do with a cheaper tabletop material. Since you won’t be using the table regularly, spending big on safeguarding the table surface is unnecessary.

Think Carefully Before Choosing The Color

Color is a crucial interior design component. Blending the right colors will make your space light up in glory. So, give some extra thought to the color of the table. You can never go wrong with black, grey, white, brown, and common wood shades. These colors are timeless and will go with any theme. So, even if you decide to remodel in the future, these colors will not look obsolete.

You’ll Regret Neglecting The Base

Although it might seem like an aesthetic aspect, the design of your dining table base will impact the functionality of the table. A pedestal base maximizes the under-table area and prevents the likelihood of bumping your legs into the table every now and then. Pedestals are also great for your floor economy as they require minimal space to stand on.

What Shape Of Dining Table Is Best For Small Space?

What Shape Of Dining Table Is Best For Small Space

As a rule of thumb, round dining tables are the best for small spaces.

Round tables make excellent use of limited space. They occupy less space than other table types, so you can place them in tight spaces where other tables will never fit.

Therefore, round tables are ergonomic choices for those who don’t have a dedicated dining room and want to set up a dining table in their living rooms or kitchens.

Best Dining Tables For Small Spaces

While choosing our shortlist of best dining tables for small spaces, we have considered multifunctional pieces that can be alternatively used as a desk or other pieces of furniture. We have also looked at smaller dining tables that will take up little to no space in your room.

Here are some excellent small space dining tables we have come across.

1. Nathan James Industrial Modern Dining Table

Nathan James Industrial Modern Dining Table
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We will begin our list with this small but versatile table from Nathan James. The Nathan James Industrial Modern dining table can effortlessly accommodate four people. When you are not using it, remove the chairs and transform the table into a desk.

Available in rustic oak and nutmeg shades, we can think of quite a few small space dining table ideas involving this one.

2. SEI Furniture Convertible Console to Dining Table

 SEI Furniture Convertible Console to Dining Table

Next, we have enlisted this ergonomic drop leaf table that seats a maximum of six people at full length. After the meal, you can lower the leaves and push back the legs to change the dining table into a console table. SEI Furniture has paired a weathered gray finish with a white metal base for effortless contemporary elegance.

3. Rivet Noah Round Modern Ash Dining Table

Rivet Noah Round Modern Ash Dining Table

This little dining table has a minimalist shape, sleek wooden legs, and an on-trend natural finish, making it perfect for small modern apartment dining spaces. It’s compact enough to fit in various spaces and easy to transport, but it’s sturdy enough to withstand constant usage thanks to its strong legs.

4. DKLGG Dining Table with 2 Bench

DKLGG Dining Table with 2 Bench
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This dining table heavily features in small space dining table ideas since you can tuck away the benches underneath the tabletop after the meal. The tabletop boasts a top-quality MDF finish that will last for years. It’s available in Beige Wood, Brown Marble, Dark Brown Wood, and White Marble variants.

5. Winsome Wood Hannah Dining Table

Winsome Wood Hannah Dining Table

This Winsome round drop leaf table is simple and affordable, but it makes absolutely zero compromises on quality. Its wooden build gives it great panache and incredible longevity. The folding design adds more to the table’s efficiency. After use, collapse the leaves and the support rails before putting the table aside in a convenient place.

6. New Classic Furniture Gia 5-Piece Counter Dining Table Set

New Classic Furniture Gia 5-Piece Counter Dining Table Set

Available in five equally sleek shades, this wood-made dining table set is one of the sturdiest offerings in our small space dining table ideas list. The premium upholstery of the chairs makes them highly comfortable to sit on.

The tabletop veneer and solid wood frame of the table and chairs will resist wear and tear for a long time.

7. AWQM 3 Piece Dining Table Set

AWQM 3 Piece Dining Table Set

Made of heavy-duty MDF panels and steel, the AWQM 3 Piece Dining Table Set is the ideal setup for low-space dining areas. When you are not using the table, you can neatly tuck the tools under the table and maximize space efficiency without messing up your interior décor. The iron tube of the table and chairs boosts their durability.

8. VASAGLE Folding Dining Table

VASAGLE Folding Dining Table

The VASAGLE Folding Dining Table is a wonderful piece of furniture that will appeal to studio apartment residents. When extended to its full form, the table can host four people.

Fold it down and convert it to 2-seater mode when you don’t have company. It’s so easy to assemble that you can unbox it and get it ready for use in less than 15 minutes.

9. Nathan James Lucy Small Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

Nathan James Lucy Small Mid-Century Modern Dining Table
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With its anti-scratch imitation white marble finish, this classy round bistro table is excellent for mini dining or kitchen spaces. It’s a gorgeous table that will make you feel like dining at a posh outdoor diner in Milan.

The faux Carrara marble top gives the table a unique, sophisticated look that will sophistically blend with any interior décor.

10. CangLong Modern Round Dining Table

CangLong Modern Round Dining Table

We are great admirers of this stylish mini-dining table that comes with a shiny white top backed up with three sturdy beech wood legs. The size is perfect for one-bedroom apartments and small kitchens, but it’s not too small.

You can easily entertain four people at this table. The table legs have foot paddings to protect your floor and carpet.

11. VECELO Dining Table with 4 Chairs

VECELO Dining Table with 4 Chairs

This VECELO dining table became an Amazon bestseller with its fantastic combination of price and utility. It features heavy-duty 7mm thick tempered glass, which won’t scratch despite years of use. Based on your needs, you can buy it in 2-seater and 4-seater variants. It also comes with four free coasters to keep the tabletop spotless.

12. Zinus Becky Farmhouse Square Wood Dining Table

 Zinus Becky Farmhouse Square Wood Dining Table

Add an element of countryside simplicity to your interiors with this farmhouse dining table from Zinus Becky. It’s entirely made of wood, but the natural wooden tone is only present on top of the table. The rest of the table has been painted white to create a sublime contrast. It’s primarily for two people, but it’s possible for three or four people to share the table.

13. Winsome Wood Suzanne 3-Pc Space Saver Set

Winsome Wood Suzanne 3-Pc Space Saver Set

We’ll admit, this unit is not the best looking on our list, but what it lacks in aesthetics more than makes it up in utility. It’s mainly a kitchen station since it has drawers and a towel holder. But, it can also be used as a dining table. The unit comes with a pair of chairs, which you can put away underneath the table.

14. VECELO Kitchen Dining Room Table Set

VECELO Kitchen Dining Room Table Set

Here’s another space-conscious dining table set from VECELO that is even smaller than the VELECO model we had covered earlier. Instead of tempered glass, you get an MDF panel as the tabletop, but it’s incredibly heavy-duty and waterproof.

The PU paddings on chairs are very relaxing. The table has a long-lasting metal frame that looks great to the eye.

15. Recaceik Dining Table Set

Recaceik Dining Table Set
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Recaceik has a variety of dining table sets in their catalog, but the ones we are interested in are the 23-inch and 24-inch pub-style round tables. These tables are best for one-on-one meals or single dining.

We won’t recommend these for those who often entertain guests, but they can be excellent for other small apartment dwellers.

8 Best Small Space Dining Table Ideas

8 Best Small Space Dining Table Ideas

1. Go For A Bar-like Arrangement

Positioning the table against the wall can be a great idea to squeeze out some extra space from your dining area. This particular arrangement has one big downside.

It blocks out a side completely, meaning you can only sit on three sides of the table. This is not a compromise you would want to make if you have a big family.

But, if you live alone or share the house with one or two people, you should definitely try this out. It will create a bar-like setup if you complete the look with a handful of barstools. A counter height table would be totally in character with the space’s ambiance. However, not everyone will feel comfortable with this layout.

2. Drop-Leaf Tables Are A Safer Bet

If barstools are not your thing, we would recommend a drop leaf table. In fact, we are confident that most people will put their trust in drop leaf tables because of their classic design and flexibility.

Of course, you can place a drop leaf table against the wall if you feel like it. It will not be as eccentric as a counter table, but it will free up some space regardless.

Drop leaf tables can be reduced into smaller sizes, making them convenient to put aside when not in use. Some of them also come with small chairs that can be put under the table.

As a result, it will be easier for you to economize on floor space. Concerned about the style? Drop leaf tables come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. So, no worries in that regard, either.

3. Traditional Tables Can Be An Option Too

Conventional dining tables are not off the table as well. If you can find the space, you can favor a regular-style dining table. Notice whether or not the table compliments the rest of your furnishings and the room’s decorative theme. Also, ensure there is enough room around the table.

4. Give The Dining Space An Individual Identity

Even if you don’t have the privilege of a dedicated dining room, you should give your dining space the respect it deserves. Improvise a space out of your living room and kitchen to set up the table and spruce up the surrounding area. You can use a fancy divider to carve out the space, place a comfy rug and hang a swank chandelier overhead.

5. Dayer To Layer

When the space is at a premium, we often have to forget about the visual appearance of the apartment and stuff it with necessary furniture. If you have too little space but need to squash in a dining table regardless, pick a table that accentuates the remaining furniture of the room. If you pull this off, the room won’t feel suffocatingly jam-packed.

6. Incorporate Artwork

Earlier, we talked about giving the dining area a customized touch. The simplest way to do this is to install a sideboard that separates the dining space from the rest of the room. You can liven it up by hanging some tasteful artwork there. Alternatively, you can install floating shelves on the wall and decorate it with showpieces and tableware.

7. Dine By The Window

Are you avoiding putting the table by a giant window or a balcony door, thinking it would look peculiar? Dining by the window has a sense of romanticism to it as you can savor the natural light as you enjoy your meal. Big tables will look out of place in such locations, but small tables and chairs will blend right in.

8. Benches Are Unique And More Efficient

If you plan to put the table against the wall, you can make seat arrangements on the wall side by putting a bench there. Benches instead of chairs in this scenario will make the space look larger since you will have an unobstructed view of the wall when nobody else is sitting on the opposite end of the table.

Final Say

When it comes to small space dining table ideas, your options are not limited by any means. The dining space is limited, but the decorative possibilities are endless.

In this article, we tried to show you a few concepts that can drastically uplift the efficiency and aesthetics of your dining space regardless of its teeny-weeny size.