Men’s Small Bedroom Ideas [10 Must Items]

Men’s Small Bedroom Ideas

There is a common belief that single men don’t care about interior décor and organization. These days, males and females alike put a lot of thought into personalizing their personal space. Today, we will talk about some men’s small bedroom ideas that you can implement to put a tastefully masculine touch on your bedroom.

What Should Be In A Men’s Bedroom?

A men’s bedroom should have everything he needs to spend some quality time, have a good night’s sleep, and wake up in a lively, cheerful mood. 

The bedroom is our very own sanctum sanctorum. It is where we come to retire ourselves at night and reflect on our entire day. We spend most of our indoor time in our bedrooms, so we should try to make it as much serene and cozy as possible.

For making your bedroom a proper man’s habitat, you’ll have to furnish it accordingly. While decorating a small bedroom, the focus should be on the essentials rather than the luxuries. A chock-full room will feel quite suffocating to live in after a while.

Here are some items that we believe should be in every man’s bedroom:

1. An Actual Bed

 An Actual Bed
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This seems very obvious since we are talking about bedrooms here. But, an astonishing number of single males opt to sleep on their floor even if they can afford a real bed with a frame and mattress. Getting an actual bed is not only indicative of your adulthood; it’s also necessary for getting a good night’s sleep.

 A restful night’s sleep results in increased productivity and less fatigue. You can feel the difference almost immediately when you make the switch to a standard bed from a floor bedding. Once you wake up, you will feel more energized and eager to get your day going.

Spending money on a good bed can turn out to be a great investment for your health in so many respects.

2. Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock
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You must be thinking, ‘’But, I already have an alarm clock on my phone.’’ Yes, you do. But, you have to remember that phones can often run out of juice halfway through the night if we forget to charge them the entire day. Just imagine this, you wake up and find out you are three hours late for the office because your phone died at night!

Having a good old-fashioned alarm clock on your nightstand can help you avoid such nightmarish situations. An alarm clock in your bedroom gives out a sense of responsibility. If you want anybody to have a good impression of you based on how your bedroom looks, an alarm clock might deliver a surprisingly good result.

3. Nightstand

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No men’s small bedroom ideas would be complete without a nightstand. That’s one tiny detail you can’t simply do without. A nightstand or a bedside table might appear pretty trivial to the naked eye. But once you think about it, it gives you a lot of functionality. It holds your table lamp, phones, and other paraphernalia there.

4. Dresser

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If your room doesn’t have a wall cabinet, you will have to find room for a dresser to fit in. Measure the dimensions beforehand and check whether or not it would fit inside your room. A larger dresser would give you more storage capacity, but it will also require more space, which you might find yourself in short supply of.

5. Table Lamp

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Time to move on from those nonsensical overhead lights, guys. We never got the appeal of torturing your corneas to an intense stream of light the overhead light throws at your face. Is it a bedroom or a prison cell? Switch to a bedside lamp, and you will notice how soothing your waking up has become.

6. A Large Mirror

A Large Mirror
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Mirrors are so universally functional that it would be unwise to label them as ‘’feminine’’ or ‘’masculine’’ bedroom items. Yes, there is a mirror in your bathroom, but that does not substitute for a full-length bedroom mirror. Before you unleash your testosterone-fueled rage on me, let me explain why.

A floor mirror is essential to get a complete look at yourself before heading out for work, a date, or social events. Your shirt is wrinkled? Shoes don’t match? Your pants shrunk? All these wardrobe disasters can be avoided if you take a peek at your bedroom mirror before stepping outside.

7. Artwork

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small sculptures
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People often choose to hang artworks in their living rooms and kitchens, but the bedroom can be a great place to do it too. We understand that art is subjective and perhaps your AC/DC and Spiderman posters will make the cut, but if you ask us for recommendations, we will ask you to go for something subtle.

We are not asking you to get a Monet, of course, but cheap replicas of classic art can be a fantastic choice to lighten up your walls. You can also visit your local art galleries and buy works of local artists at reasonable prices. If paintings are not your cup of tea, you can consider small sculptures.

If you have free space on the corners of your room, you can put a sculpture, a vase, or any other decorative piece in each one of them.

8. Books

have some books
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 mini bookshelf
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Reading books is the best habit you can develop to give your eyes some much-needed rest from continuous blue light exposure. On top of that, it can be an excellent sleeping aid. A 2009 study conducted by researchers at the University of Sussex concluded that reading books right before sleeping can bring down stress by 68%.

So, it’s a good idea to have some books around your bed. You can transform the headboard of your bed into a mini-bookshelf, where you can keep the books. If you have space for a dedicated bookshelf in your bedroom, that would be great! But, we would advise against having one if it makes your room feel congested.

9. Scented Candles

Scented Candles
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Sometimes we need some extra help to unwind after a really stressful day. Lighting scented candles can help you free your sensuous side and relax your body and mind. Scented candles are available in a variety of flavors, and thankfully there are some masculine flavors like Amber Musk and Sandalwood. You can also opt for neutral flavors like linen and vanilla.

10. A Desk And A Chair

Chair for men
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Desk for men
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In the present landscape of the world, remote working is becoming more of a norm. So, everybody should have a workstation ready in their bedrooms. The desk should have enough space to keep all your essentials. Get a chair with good lumbar support since you might find yourself working extensive hours at home sometimes.

Is Having An Organized Bedroom Really Necessary For Single Men?

Is Having An Organized Bedroom Really Necessary For Single Men

It is necessary for everyone, including single men, to have an organized bedroom.

No, you are not wasting your time reading men’s small bedroom ideas. Having a tidy bedroom with a decent layout can do wonders in convincing someone about your personal sense of hygiene, discipline, and responsibility. Not to mention expressing your exquisite taste.

How Do You Make A Men’s Bedroom Cozy?

You can take advantage of some nifty bedroom hacks to make a men’s bedroom cozier.

Let’s have a quick look at some below:

Say No To Overhead Lamps

Say No To Overhead Lamps
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We have already explained why the idea of overhead lights in sleeping spaces is so repulsive to us. Making a move to a simple bedside lamp is the simplest thing you can do to make your bedroom cozier.

Go For Pacifying Bedroom Art

Go For Pacifying Bedroom Art
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Tranquility is the theme to go for while choosing bedroom art. Again, we would not like to intrude on your personal choice of art, but many experts believe bright colors like deep yellow and red create a nervy atmosphere inside the room.

So, try to avoid these colors in the paintings you choose for the bedroom. Blue, grey, and green can have opposing effects, per experts.

Try Himalayan Salt Lamps

Try Himalayan Salt Lamps
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The Himalayas is perhaps the most restful place anyone could ever think of. You can bring some of that Himalayan serenity indoors with Himalayan salt lamps. Sellers say there are many health benefits to lighting these candles inside your room.

While potential health benefits remain a debatable issue, it is true that these lamps diffuse a beautiful, muted light, which will lift your mood in an instant.

Use Comfy Rugs

Use Comfy Rugs
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Take your first step of the day in the coziest way possible by placing a comfy rug in your bedroom. The plush feeling on your feet would help you momentarily forget about the rigors of daily life.

A high-density woolen rug would be the best pick to put beside your bed. Persian rugs are a bit expensive, but it’s worth spending the money considering the premium quality and design. If you are more of a minimalist, go for a plain rug, but don’t compromise on the material.

Welcome The Dark Side!

 blackout curtains
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A lot of us have trouble if the room is not dark enough. Natural light access is a welcoming attribute for any bedroom, but you also need to have the means to shut it out completely when necessary. Adding some blackout curtains in the room would be one of the best men’s small bedroom ideas.

Make The Best Use Of Color

Colors have immense psychological impact on us. Without picking the right shades in your bedroom, you might never unlock your inner state of mental peace. So, be careful with your color choices. Varying tones of gray and blue could be the best color picks for a men’s bedroom. Brown and beige fit really well too.

Burn Scented Candles Every Now And Then

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Scented candles are the go-to items for many people to make their interior space more comfortable. The aroma and the subdued light combine to concoct a relaxing environment inside the bedroom.

Remember to use glass containers when lighting scented candles. If you burn the candles without a container, it will pose a severe fire hazard. To neutralize this threat, put the candle inside a mason jar, light it, and keep the lid open.

Add A Touch Of Nature

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In urban life, most of us don’t have the luxury of a personal garden. Why not bring the greens inside, then? Plants would fit right in with your other decorative items. Cactus, air plants, and even orchids are good choices for indoors.

You would be amazed to see how much of a difference only a handful of plants can make. Indoor plants are not very high-maintenance, so if you are not getting plants only because you think they are too much to deal with, you should reconsider.

Bed Linens Don’t Have To Be The Only Fabric In The Room

Bed Linens Don’t Have To Be The Only Fabric In The Room
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cushions for men's bedroom
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Fabric is a lovely medium for adding depth, brightness, and comfort to a space. Throw a warm blanket over the back of a chair in an artful manner. A mix of throw-cushions in your reading corner will make your reading sessions comfier. To round it off, place a soft rug at the foot of the bed. Mission Optimum Comfort accomplished!

Don’t Overstuff

Human need is endless. You will always feel that there is something more you can have in your room that can make your life a bit easier. That’s not always the truth! Make sure there is enough moving space inside the room.

Don’t unnecessarily bring something in that barely adds any significant value. You’ll never feel comfortable in a crammed-up room.

Don’t Be Afraid To Spend Big For The Mattress

comfortable mattress
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No small bedroom ideas will do you any good if your bed isn’t comfy enough. Splash the cash on a comfortable mattress that distributes your bodyweight evenly and delivers you the perfect bed experience. Flip the sides from time to time to retain the mattress’s original softness.

We have an article about the 10 best twin mattresses for adults. If you are looking for the best suitable mattress to buy, this article will help you.

Final Say

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you will have to give up comfort and style. Our men’s small bedroom ideas combine practicality and aesthetics to deliver the best bedroom solutions for single males. Follow these tips and dazzle others with your impeccable bedroom setup.

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