Loft Bedroom Ideas For Teenage: Tips to organize, is it safe?

When your kids hit their teenage years, you will realize they need more bedroom space. You might have to bring in more furniture, make some room for a reading nook, or find space to set up a desktop computer. A loft bed can help you free up some premium bedroom real estate.

Today, we will talk about some loft bedroom ideas for teenage boys and girls.

Loft Bedroom Ideas For Teenage

Can Teenagers Use Loft Beds?

Teenagers can use loft beds in their bedrooms. These beds are ergonomic, comfortable, and also stylish. So, they are worthy candidates when searching for a bed for your teenage children. 

When space is like gold dust, loft beds can help you make the most out of the room. Some beds come with built-in cabinets, desks, and other storage options.

Why Teenagers Should Use Loft Beds?

Why Teenagers Should Use Loft Beds

Loft Beds Are Safe & Comfortable

One of the primary concerns parents might have about getting loft beds for teenagers is the strength of the bed. Are loft beds more suited for younger kids? Can a loft bed support the weight of a teenage boy or girl?

These are very sensible questions to ask before going through loft bedroom ideas. Thankfully, you can eliminate these fears quite easily.

Each loft bed has a weight rating that states the maximum level of weight it can handle. So, checking the weight limit of the bed before buying is a must-do. Go for natural wood or metal bed frames that will last for years and provide the growing physique of your child with the proper support it requires.

We would also recommend checking the walls before installation. Not all walls have the capacity to endure the cumbersome weight of a loft bed. Consult a professional before installing the bed and determine how much weight your walls can take. If you get a positive response, you won’t have to worry about the bed falling off your wall.

A properly-built loft bed is just as comfy as a regular one. Your kids won’t notice any significant difference between sleeping in a standard and a loft bed. Remember to keep enough space between the bed and ceiling so that your kids don’t bump their heads while getting off the bed.

Loft beds rarely creak, but the joints are the culprit when they do. The bed will squeak if the joint bolts get loose because of poor assembly.

Some manufacturers offer assembly services. Even if it doesn’t come free, it would be worth the money to avail it for ensuring the perfect installation of the bed. If that’s not an option, hire a local carpenter for the job. If you insist on DIY-ing it, go through the mounting instructions thoroughly. Watching a few YouTube tutorials would be helpful too.

Added Space For Study, Entertainment & Socializing

Loft beds are the ideal answer for a tiny bedroom since they allow you to use the available floor space most efficiently. A lofted bed gives you the liberty to do more with the room. Does your child need a bigger desk? They can have it underneath the floating desk.

As stated above, you can buy loft beds with attached desks. This is an excellent solution for teenagers who need a specified place to study, use their PC, or build their gaming rig.

Or rather, the under-bed space can be a hang-out space for your children and their friends. You can put some chairs or beanies there. It should also free up enough space for setting up a console and a monitor. If your children love reading books, it could be the perfect place to keep a bookshelf.

Gives You More Storage Alternatives

As our children grow older, they require more and more stuff. So, a small bedroom can be a nightmare to organize. A lofted bed can provide you with some much-welcome storage options. You can buy beds that have wardrobes or cabinets built below. Or, you can put an extra storage cabinet under the bed without making the room appear cluttered.

If there is no need for an under-bed study table, dressing table, bookshelf, or seating arrangements, you can utilize the surplus space by keeping storage baskets, shoe racks, or even squeezing in a closet there.

Loft Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Boys and Girls

Loft Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Boys and Girls

Create A Makeup Area Underneath The Bed

Most teenage girls prefer to have a dedicated vanity space in their bedrooms. If you put a lofted bed in your daughter’s bedroom, you can utilize the area under the bed to set up her beauty station.

To create a delicate dressing area that integrates with the rest of the room, go for light colors and smoothly curved corners. Try to stick to a minimalist style while choosing the vanity, as it blends in with almost any setting without compromising the style.

Buying a ready-made vanity set is the most straightforward approach to arranging a makeup area. A comprehensive makeup station complete with a mirror, drawers, and surface area will be an instant fit for your interior décor.

Floated shelves can also be an excellent choice for an under-bed beauty space. It will not give you a lot of surface area, but if you have minimal space, it would be a sensible pick to keep the floor free. Install a mirror over the shelf, and you are good to go.

A drawback of under-bed makeup areas is that they will not get much natural light. So, you will have to rely on artificial lighting. We recommend placing two-floor lamps on either side of the table that reach the mirror. Wall lights positioned just above the mirror can be a good solution too. Say goodbye to those dark spots!

Bookshelf Railing

Lofted beds are all about space efficiency. The goal is to put every square inch into good use. Traditionally, loft beds have a thin railing that prevents you from rolling down. A little bit of creativity can grind out more efficiency from this part of the bed.

Why not convert the railing into a bookshelf? Reading is a great way to unwind your mind before retiring at night. It allows us to take a much-needed break from the blue-light screens of our phones. On top of that, it is a proven technique to bring about sleep.

You should encourage your children to read a few pages before going to sleep. Having a bookshelf by your bedside will help your nighttime reading habits. Also, it will serve as a nightstand where you can keep other essentials. So, a bookshelf railing is one of the smartest loft bedroom ideas for teenage children.

A Green Bedroom Nirvana

 While a lofted bed is mainly considered to address space constraints, it would look quite incredible in a spacious room as well. You can entertain some unique interior décor ideas if you have extra space. A dedicated place for indoor plants is not one of the most usual loft bedroom ideas for teenage bedrooms, but it will do wonders in adding a blissful ambiance.

Besides making the bedroom appear chic, plants effectively improve indoor air quality. It’s impossible to relax in a room that feels stale and stuffy. Having some plants in the room makes it way more refreshing and helps you sleep like a log.

There is a wide variety of indoor plants you can consider for putting inside the bedroom. Thankfully, a fair amount of these species will thrive under the roof and require minimal attendance.

Lady Palm, Albuca Frizzle Sizzle, Asparagus Fern, Chinese Money Plant, Dragon Tree are some of the best choices for bedroom decoration. These are beautiful to look at, don’t require direct sunlight, and watering them once or twice a week would suffice.

Let Your Kids Have Their Very Own Hangout Corner

You can build a lounge underneath the bed for your kids and their buds. There are loft beds that have facing couches attached with their stands. Some have built-in sofas. You can also bring in your own furniture and custom the seating arrangement more to the liking of your kids. Beanies are pretty popular among teenagers, so those could be an excellent choice for the bedroom.

You can take a more minimalistic approach other than sofas, chairs, or beanie bags. Place a floor mat and throw in some plush pillows under the bed. It will make the room even more relaxing and casual. Place a lamp or a light fixture in the area to create a cozy atmosphere. A touch of warm lighting can transform the place into an even cozier one.

A Hammock Can Make The Bedroom Cozier 

Nothing says ‘’chill and relax’’ better than a hammock. Even though you have to go outdoors for the best hammock experience, indoor hammocks can be very comfortable.

The craze for bedroom hammocks is on the ascendancy, and you can catch the wave by slinging a hammock between the legs of a lofted bed. If your children love hammocks, why let them wait till summertime when they can enjoy the restfulness of lying in a hammock every day? 

Transform The Space Into A Storage Compartment

Lack of adequate storage space is one of the most common problems most of us face while arranging a bedroom. You can contemplate transforming the area under the bed to store all your child’s belongings to remedy this situation.

If you want to clear out the rest of the floor to give the room an impression of grandeur or utilize that space for other purposes, you can use the under-bed area of the bed as a storage unit. You can buy beds that feature shelves, cabinets, or wardrobes. Some beds have shelves in the ladder, too, to make room for all of your bits and pieces.

Having a designated storage area will help your kids become more organized. This is a better solution than other loft bedrooms for teenage boys and girls to ensure a clutter-free floor in their rooms.

 You can also create a stunning walk-in closet by installing shelves on all three sides of the area under the loft bed. Add cabinet lights to the closet and tell your kids to organize their clothes by color.

If your kids aren’t fans of open closets, there are several options, such as installing doors or hiding the closet behind drapes, to make the arrangement more befitting to their taste.

Remember that the perfect match of shades and material can make almost anything look exquisite. If you do decide to build a closet under the bed, make sure it complements the bed and wall colors.

How About An Under-Bed Gaming Rig? 

Many teenage boys and girls are into gaming these days. If your children love to game and have been struggling to find the best spot to set up their gaming rig, why not consider the space that got freed up underneath your loft bed?

To make the room more gaming-friendly, choose a light color scheme for the walls so that light reflections are minimal. We recommend using flat, matt paint to reduce glare and produce a clean, fresh backdrop.

Another vital consideration is the desk and chair. There are no universal best picks in this regard. You must help your kids pick out the right desk-chair combo that will help them maintain ideal posture while gaming.

Without a tidy desk, it’s impossible to get the best gaming experience. Ideally, all necessary gaming paraphernalia should be close at hand during gaming sessions. So, it would be best to encourage your kids to put some storage bins around when designing their gaming station.

Last but not least, you will have to make arrangements for proper lighting in the gaming space. Set up ambient lighting such that it doesn’t interfere with the screens. You may wish to install recessed lighting or arrange lighting strips behind your setup to generate a pleasant glow.

With this, you’ll be able to keep the room dim enough so that you can see what’s occurring on the screen, but you won’t have to strain your eyes as much as if you were playing in a completely dark environment.

Is A Loft Bed The Right Choice For Your Teenage Kids?

In most cases, a loft bed will be a fantastic choice for your teenage kids. That said, you need to weigh up some factors before putting a lofted bed in the room of a teenager.

Is A Loft Bed The Right Choice For Your Teenage Kids

Are Your Kids On Board?

We have already established that lofted beds are suitable for kids and adults alike. It’s a misconception that lofted beds are only cool for children aged 10 or below. However, that doesn’t mean everyone would like to have a lofted bed in their room.

Teenagers develop a sense of self-consciousness at their age, so they don’t like being forced into anything. Of course, not all of their choices will be sensible, but for interior décor of their own bedrooms, you should respect their choices.

Pitch them the best loft bedroom ideas for teenage children. If they still seem disinterested, it would be best if you consider non-lofted bed options. Your child’s comfort and mental peace take precedence above anything else.

Size Of The Room

If the bedroom is compact, a lofted bed makes a whole lot of sense. They give you considerable leeway in storage, decoration, and other utilities. If multiple children share a room in your house, a lofted bed will be the best way to work around the floor economy.

Ceiling Height

Is the ceiling height ideal for installing a loft bed? You would want 30-35 inches of space between the ceiling and the bed to be able to sit upright on the bed and move without the risk of knocking your head against the ceiling. You would also want to have a sufficient vertical gap with the floor to use that space efficiently.

Final Say

 Applying the best loft bedroom ideas for teenage children, you can maximize your children’s bedroom floor space without giving up style and utility. Loft beds have been widely popular to squeeze out extra space in smaller bedrooms, but floor space optimization is not their only offering.

A lofted bed can be an interior décor hack as well. Even if you don’t need the extra space, a well-thought placement of a lofted bed can substantially enhance a bedroom’s looks. The freed-up floor area will give your kids the luxury of experimenting with showpieces, vases, plants, lamps, or other decorative pieces.

Loft beds are surprisingly comfortable if you get their setups right. Don’t forget to leave ample headspace above the bed. Your kids won’t love the ceiling staring at them from breathing space once they wake up every morning. On top of that, maneuvering in and out of bed will be a nightmare.

There are many ready-made options, but we encourage custom-building the bed. You can consult a local furniture shop, give them a tour of the room, and let them come up with the ideal design and measurements. In this way, you can also make some customizations that will make the bed even more ergonomic.